ENDSARS: Ex-Speaker Dogara’s house looted. Here are what attackers cart away

In spite of the on-going curfew in Plateau, hundreds of youth still came out searching for Covid-19 palliatives to loot, and, as it happened, they invaded the house of former Speaker Yakubu Dogara in Jos on Sunday at about 9 am.

Policemen and other security operatives enforcing the curfew shot to disperse the rampaging youth .

According to eyewitnesses, the invaders attacked Dogara’s brother, and moved out whatever they found, including tricycles, furniture, gadgets, and others.

Dogara is a native of Bauchi.

Since the Tuesday night ENDSRAS shooting at Lekki, Lagos, many states have declared curfews with no effect as looting, arson, and killing continue.

Warehouses of covid-19 palliatives have been the targets of most of the attackers many call hoodlums. So far, warehouses in Lagos, Osun, Ekiti, Ondo, Plateau, Taraba, Cross Rivers have been looted.