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Expert reveals why you shouldn’t rinse your mouth, immediately after brushing 



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Health practitioners have revealed the reasons why people should stop using water to rinse their teeth, immediately after brushing, even though, it is natural to have a strong desire to rinse out our mouth with water after brushing.

It was made known that toothpaste that contains fluoride and other ingredients which are meant to strengthen our tooth enamel, might need a bit of extra time on the surface of our teeth for us to get their full benefit after brushing.

It was reported that the habit of using water to rinse toothpaste away, was conceived due to the need to stop people from swallowing fluoride, which might be dangerous to the health, but, the unfortunate thing is, whenever you rinse your mouth immediately after brushing, you are rinsing the benefit of applying fluoride on your teeth away, which won’t make the fluoride work.

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