Experts caution FG on dangers of AstraZeneca vaccine

Nurse dies 24 hours after receiving AstraZeneca vaccine

A medical expert, Dr. Emeke Eze, a Virologist and consultant in special disease has warned the federal government against forcing the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine on Nigerians because of its deadly effects on lots of people that have been vaccinated in other countries.

Airing his views on Focus Nigeria, an AIT programme, Dr. Emeke Eze, explained that several countries have suspended the use of the vaccine as it caused blood clots, and several people have died after getting the vaccine.

“For instance, Australia, and the Philippines recently joined the list of countries that has suspended the use of the vaccine because of the side effects. This drug is a new substance, and there are lots of protocols that should be observed in testing before it is used on humans.

“There was a drug that was developed in the fifties and was used  in treating  pregnant women for morning sickness, after five years, they discovered that a lot of children are being born without arms and legs.”

Dr. Eze added that he’s not against vaccination, but there’s the need to exercise restraints because the protocols needed to develop a vaccine for humans were not followed in the development of these Covid-19 vaccines.

“Even the manufacturers have made sure that they cannot be sued for any resulting side-effects that may arise as a result of the vaccines. Although, some people have argued that the benefits of taking the vaccines far outweigh the benefits of not taking them, but what benefit is it to the people who have died due to the side-effects?”

He added that without the vaccines, most people contracting the virus would not require hospitalization as eventually people would develop immunity against the virus, “The vaccination cannot produce immunity, it comes naturally,” he added.

In his own response, Barrister Ike Anyalewechi, a human rights activist, the vaccine and COVID-19 are shrouded in mystery, and this is fueling a lot of suspicion among Nigerians.

Speaking on FOCUS Nigeria, an AIT programme on Friday, Dr. Emeke Eze, a Virologist and consultant in special disease explained that several countries have suspended the use of the vaccine because of its adverse effects on humans.

He said a lot of controversy is still on the vaccine, yet the federal government has not come out to allay the fears of the public.

“You cannot compel people to take the vaccine, it should be based on trust. Nigerians will always comply if they have the right information, people to live but they must be assured that the vaccine is safe. And the government should be sincere in their approach.

“In some states, health officials working in government facilities are being forced to take the vaccine before they can get their March Salary. This is not fair, and totally against the constitution of Nigeria,” he added.

Meanwhile, Dr. Emmanuel Abanida, former Director, National Primary Health Care Development Agency, said there is need for more information and sensitization on the vaccine, stressing that the government must come out to address concerns raised by the people.

“People didn’t believe in the vaccine and they have legitimate concerns, but I want to tell you that these concerns are due to misinformation. People should continue to engage, assuring them that there’s nothing secretive about the vaccine.”