Why El-Rufai is ready to sacrifice his son rather than pay bandits

Gov. Nadir El-rufai

In his effort to make his stand clear on kidnap for ransom, Kaduna Governor Nasir El-Rufai has said he would rather sacrifice his son than pay bandits or kidnappers if they kidnap him.

According to him, praying for the victim to make heaven is more acceptable than paying ransoms.

El-Rufai spoke during a radio interview on Friday.

“I mean it and I will say it again here. Even if my son is kidnapped, I will rather pray for him to make heaven instead because I won’t pay any ransom.”

El-Rufai is the chief security executive of Kaduna, and the first family is entitled, by law, to maximum security that DSS, the police, and other security agencies provide.

While the chances of his son been kidnapped his near zilch. The governor said this to reinforce his refusal to pay ransom for the 39 students bandits kidnapped weeks ago at the federal college of forestry mechanisation.

Five of the students were released last week without clear explanation of what led to the release.

It just happened the kidnappers handpicked five of them, and the military o mission in the area evacuated them.

The governor said he’s “absolutely not paying ransom” but considering other means to ensure the release of the students.