FALA 2021: Rising profiles of future African leaders

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The 2021 edition of the Future African Leaders Award  in December paraded young Africans from Nigeria to Namibia making giant strides in tackling Africa problems from every possible angle: technology, leadership, philanthropy, sustainable living, health, and synergies.

And their efforts were duly rewarded.

An initiative of the Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International, FALA gives cash prizes to winners who entered competitive initiatives and projects executed for impacts in the year.

The cash is not for keeps.

Recipients, no fewer than 30 of them, receive the prizes to do more.



Amanda Nomnqa from South Africa is an agent of change and a youth leader, who is zealous about youth empowerment, entrepreneurship, education and community development, especially in advocacy against gender-based violence.

She has created business opportunities for young people and plays a significant role in youth policy making to tackle socio-economic issues in her country and Africa. Her work in youth advocacy, skills development, and activism has benefited over 800,000 young people in the continent, including 90,000 in Africa alone.

Her GBV roadmap which she proposed at the presidential GBV dialogue in the presence of President Cyril Ramaphosa has been adopted.  Over 500,000 people will benefit from this project, especially in townships and rural areas.



Annick Bado from Burkina Faso is a 23-years-old activist and social entrepreneur who is extremely concerned about the life and future of young ladies and early mothers in Burkina Faso. She pioneered an organization named FEMME D’IMPACT (WOMAN OF IMPACT) aimed at empowering young ladies, improving and promoting education for the girl child, reshaping female entrepreneurship and fighting for women’s rights. Her organization has been able to impact over 2500 young people and transformed their lives for a brighter future.

Annick also collaborated with The Ministry of Social Action, MARIE STOP INTERNATIONAL, BURKINA HOPE MINISTRY, SPONG (PERMANENT SECRETARY OF NGOs) and some Orphanages to launch a project for young mothers called MAN NINREE (CARRING OUT GOOD WORKS).

In collaboration with the WOMEN FOR CHRIST ASSOCIATION, she also raised a Public Wallet (money, foods, and clothes) for several people who escaped terrorism at the borders of Burkina Faso. Annick also organised blood donation outreaches in hospitals and donated cleaning materials to them.

She’s also part of the EGINNOVA team developing robotic start-ups in Burkina Faso.

Online and offline, she has impacted on no fewer than seven million young people in her country.


Bridget Kalilombe is a 24-year-old youth leader whose vision is centered on improving the lives and health of many vulnerable young children and elderly people in communities and orphanages across Zambia.

She founded the Mind Broadening Book Club, and another  NGO called ‘Girls Future’, that carries the vision of fighting and eliminating early marriages and teen pregnancy in rural areas of Zambia where most of these cases are highly recorded.

Her health, humanitarian, and educational campaigns have reachd more than 200,000 people in Zambia.


Kadiatu Jalloh is a 20-year-old Sierra Leonean who has contributed towards bridging the divide between genders in the society and catering for the quality education of many.

Kadiatu is the Co-founder of the Advocacy for Adolescent Girls Safety, which focuses on advocating for a safe space for women and girls in society and protecting them from gender-based violence.

Early in 2021, she introduced her mentorship program ‘Better Life For Girls’, where she has engaged 50 adolescent girls on how to develop self-esteem and cultivate business skills. Through her passion for gender equality, she established a partnership between the Leaders of Tomorrow organization and the Initiative for Creative Women Sierra Leone to host a leadership summit (Her Lead Summit).

She co-founded LEADERS OF TOMORROW, an organization that aim to build the next generation of leaders in Sierra Leone through education and skills development.

Kadiatu is a mentor at the Leaders of Tomorrow Organization’s Leadership Syndicate Project and is in charge of 7 schools, with over 100 students enrolled in the program. She also introduced the Career Pathways program for school pupils, and the organization has hosted 3 seminars and debates on career development on the topic.

She has positively touched over 8000 people.


Nzometiah Nervis Tetsop is a 23-year-old tech innovator and community builder from Cameroon with a strong interest in youth leadership.

The Electrical and Electronic Engineering student at the University of Buea, a top university in Cameroon, founded an organization in 2018 called NERVTEK, with the vision to create a tech ecosystem for innovation.

He organized an innovation challenge where he empowered 20,000 young tech entrepreneurs and innovators providing tech solutions for sustainable development in sectors like Transport, Education, Agriculture, Fintech, Health, etc.

The innovations that resulted from this include a CNC Drawing-and-Writing Machine, a Personal Health Companion device, a Smart Agrobot, Tour Cameroon (TourCMR), Concour Guide Cameroon, Mobidik, BackMarché, Smart Agriculture using IoT, Garbage Bin Tracker, and a Smart Mail Box. Each of the top 3 winning innovations got a cash prize of $2000.

He has made strides in leadership, too.


Geoliver NGAMBAKA is a 24-year-old social activist from the Republic of Congo whose deep hunger for a better African society through technology and innovation has effected change and impacted many in his world. He is a second-year undergraduate of the University of Science & Technology Sangmelina in Yaounde, Cameroon.

He has developed a suite of apps ranging from SMARTBACS for locating full wastebins to others for processing patients’ data and manpower optimization.

In the city of Sangmelima, Geoliver’s Foundation (called NAG) organized various conferences where he impacted over 200 students

The NAG Foundation won PROJECT OF THE YEAR at an exhibition on the official inauguration of the Africa Digital center in Cameroon. The Honorable Minister of State for Higher Education represented by the Governor of South Region, awarded Geoliver and the NAG Foundation team with an honorary Award certificate in Gold.

Geoliver collaborated with Zen, the most widely listened-to radio station in Sangmelima and has reached over 3 million listeners with his weekly broadcasts for youth on entrepreneurship, education, and use of technology.

His foundation has partnered with others for sustainable projects in agric, gender equality, and others.


Felix Fomengia is a 23-year-old tech entrepreneur and innovator from Cameroon with a zeal for solving problems in his community with the use of (ICT).

His Light-Gate Solutions, a high-tech startup has been able to design and develop over a hundred mobile apps, including Coders Motivation, and 50 websites for organizations.

Among them is a mobile app – Cameroon GCE Guide App – a learning tool that allows students to study remotely and prepare for their exams from any location. This application has reached over 15,000.

Felix has grossed awards and commendations such as 2020 Cameroon Achievers Award, Best Project Education at the Premium Awards by the University of Buea, and 2019 Digital Citizenship of the Year .

His efforts have so far reached no fewer than 20,000 people.


Emmanuel Gyan Finawah is a 23-year-old young leader and a technology enthusiast.

One major solution he brought to education in Ghana is the Science Box, a kit comprising tools for practicals in science subjects.

Emmanuel launched a Back-to-School Campaign that provided veronica buckets, cartons of hand washing soap, hand sanitizers, tissue paper, etc for 100 schools in all the five districts in the Greater Accra region, impacting about 90,000 students.

He partnered with local Non-Governmental Organizations to set up a Skill Development Centre in Accra for school dropouts, unschooled young ladies, hawkers, and refugee women.

More than 30,000 Ghanaians have benefited from his initiative.


Isaac Bitrus Nggida is a 23-year-old social activist from Nigeria. He is very passionate about community advancement and leadership development.

That has seen him found Dominion Mind Concepts which has partnered with organisations on projects including community health, leadership training, peace and conflict resolution, and education.

Isaac has distinguished himself by looking out for pressing needs in local communities and providing solutions to them.

Among such organisations are the Safer World Foundation and Community Aid Workers Initiative (CAWI), CYPA Africa, the Alex Ladan Foundation, the Wiggins Walking in the Mission Foundation.


Marvel Mthembu is a 23-year-old South African with a vision and zeal for the advancement of Africa and young people. He raised an international work team in over 48 countries who are proficient in training young leaders for the betterment of their societies and the world.

His educational Initiatives, including Edu-Thon,  he has hosted several projects such as Leadership Mentorship and Success motivation programs where he mentors high school students to be leaders in their schools and communities.

He partnered with a technology company in Nigeria to produce and deploy a Virtual Education App designed by Africans for Africans called the Cloudnotte App, which allows teachers to teach online in real time.

In response to frequent episodes of bullying in South African schools which has been linked to poor mental health among students, Marvel partnered with the South African Police Services to anchor a project called the Anti-Bullying Project (ABP).

For commitment to social change, Marvel has won awards and gained recognition from various organizations as a trailblazer and national influencers.


Chelsea Jegede is a 20-year-old visionary young leader from Nigeria who is passionate about leadership development, education, and empowerment of the girl-child in her country. She is an Executive Committee Member of the Selfless Service Foundation, a collective of youth networks working to foster youth development in Africa.

She established connections and initiated Book Fests to 25 educational institutions, resulting in the free distribution of over 9,000 educational materials. She also spearheaded the construction of 3 community school libraries to improve the students’ access to learning aids resulting to more than 20,000 beneficiaries.

Her efforts have also showed in gender parity (Pad Project), community hygiene (Rural Water Infrastructure), and others.

No fewer than 180,000 people have been reached so far with her efforts.


Evanah Victoria Serumola, 23, a final year student in the University of Botswana. She is a youth on fire for innovation and creativity.

Her zeal has fired up in setting up Mega Minds Nation which trains  people on business and innovation management. She published a book, THE CHRONICLES OF CREATIVITY, to that effect, with over 1000 books sold across Botswana.

Serumola created a mobile application (EDUFLIX) that gave school dropouts by giving them access to study materials and arranging for remedial classes and exams.

She has also trained more than 11,000 leaders on creatively managing their projects within specified timelines.

She adopted Gaborone West Junior secondary school as one of her mentee schools. The school has a population of 3000+ students whom she mentors with the help of 60 leaders and representatives; she trains and grooms them for greater purposes in innovation.


Racidatou Diallo, 22, from Guinea is a humanitarian activist and promoter of peaceful co-existence, and is always looking for innovative solutions for her community.

She also led a project to strengthen the bonds of friendship and fraternity among young Guineans in the community of Ratoma (Sonfonia), and this project reached over 2000 young people from the locality.

She offered aid to the sick, providing $500 to families in need for healthcare. They also sponsored the provision of school kits worth $600 to occupants of the KIRIDIYA orphanage in Matoto.

Her organisation, Matoto Langni have organised many projects on training and empowering young people.


Anna Maneno Michael Milla is a dynamic, young, resolute and passionate 20-year-old human rights activist from South Sudan.

With proceeds and donations from her film and sponsorship from Zain telecommunications, Anna and her team built 2 green houses to grow food and cater to the poor in her community, and recorded over 700 households as beneficiaries.

Anna’s team organized Farmers Support Program, a fundraising campaign where they raised $2,500 to buy basic agricultural tools and equipment for 50 local farmers. Anna also raised $5,000 for the construction of a house for

Notable among her projects and programs this year is “Mending Hearts Initiative South Sudan” (MHISS) for meeting need.  MHISS raised and distributed $10,000 in $100 grants to 100 vulnerable families.

She is accomplishing a similar fit with her “South Sudan Youth Fight against Covid-19”


Deo-Gratias Meyou is a 24-year-old human right activist from Republic of Benin.

Meyou focuses  initiatives in health, social welfare, growth and development of children and youths.

He launched the YOUNG AFRICAN FARMERS’ INITIATIVE (YAFI) where 500 students in 15 school across 4 provinces in the country were introduced to and trained on endogenous and modern technologies in agricultural production.

He has worked with 50 local and international organizations in representation of 5,000+ youths in the province of Ouémé, where discussions were made on different subjects such as food security, sustainability and hunger.

He followed this with a food drive project for 17 orphanages in all 12 provinces of the Republic of Benin.

He has partnered the National Program against Malaria), the Red Cross and

the CNHU (the largest hospital in Benin Republic).

More than 10,000 have benefited from his initiatives.


Hillary Nakitare, 23, from Kenya is a great environmental conservation activist. In partnership with Team Environment, a non-profit organization based in Kenya, he acquired a 2-acre piece of land for planting 1 million seedlings to keep Kenya breathing. The partnership has planted over 600,000 seedlings across the nation of Kenya.

Working with the Ankara Organization in Nairobi, Kenya, he provided food, environmental sanitation and medical services to displaced people and those affected by heavy rains in the slums of Eastleigh.  Through this project, Hillary impacted more than 1,000 families.

He has also partnered  Ligzyl Cooperation in Japan to provide dignity kits to 6 schools in the Mukuru slum, Kenya. The dignity kits contain the necessities needed to maintain feminine hygiene.

Other partnerships include that of Grace Network, which feed and counsels kids. Over 200,000 families in the slums have been impacted.  Then  “HER FLOW MY CONCERN” is another platform he uses to fund a pad drive for girls.

More than 20,000 young girls from Magjengo, Mukuru, Lunga Lunga and Imara Daima.


Gracious Tatenda Mazivanhanga is 23 years old, and an influential and innovative young leader focused on sustainable living in Zimbabwe.

Her mushroom farming project has trained 50 women on how to  make a living and  increase food security for their families.  She started another gardening project for orphans.

Through her youth-led, non-profit organizations, Heart for the Nations and Shining Light Foundation and partnerships with others, including the Inner City Mission, Mission Zimbabwe,  Gracious has been able to find sustainable solutions in peace and crisis situation for adults and youths. More than 10000 have been reached I Zimbabwe and across Africa.


Bakaki Yusuf is a 24-year-old youth leader from Uganda who demonstrates leadership through community service. He is the Founder and CEO of Young Leaders Africa, an initiative that aims at creating networking spaces among young people to empower and support each other.

He pioneered the Children’s Home Initiative which took in 23 destitute children. He championed the Family Strengthening and Livelihood program, the Home Construction Campaign which funded a five-room house worth $14,000, the Talent For Future Initiative, which focused on nurturing and inspiring young talents, the Act With Her Initiative,for feminine hygiene, and the Prison Outreach.

With his No-To-Streets Project, he led a team that reached out to 157 street children with the provision of meals, counselling and guidance, and spiritual empowerment.


Destiny Funtsani Zulu, 21, is the founder of the ‘Light of the World’ organization, Zambia. With 118 volunteers, the organization It caters to 500 widows and orphans across the Copperbelt province.

Destiny also initiated a Back-To-School campaign through his family Christian devotional platform where he supported children from 210 homes. The campaign has offered scholarships to 69 students at the tertiary level to candidates studying nursing, health and public safety, and social work.

He has driven initiatives in areas including, leadership, mentorship, bullying, patriotism, and others.


Prisca Torboal, 23, is defined by courage. And that has helped her reach thousands in Chad with training programs for youth development at local levels, and built leadership capacity among the young people in her community.

Her most courageous initiative, Foot for Christ, a football competition, has reached more than 5000 youth in over 40 schools.

She organized another impactful outreach she tagged “Youth Of Chad There’s Hope for You’’ which saw another 600 youth impacted with the Message of Hope.

She facilitated an entrepreneurship and skill learning program where hundreds of youths were trained in skills such as soap making, production of jam and petroleum jelly, art decoration of shoes, handbags, and pearl bracelets.


Manzi Guevara is a 23-year-old, self-driven youth leader from Rwanda with a strong passion for impacting lives and building a better community.

Moved by the plight of many in Rwanda, he established Global Love Empowerment, an organization that empowers youth for success, global impact and national development.

Guevara as a software engineer created a Digital Health Service called Blood Donor (https://bit.ly/blood-donation-register) which provides supports services for hospitals and health centres.

Guevara and his team also organized 13 youth development programs, as well as outreaches and seminars on mind management and productive self-expression. Over 4,800 youths in institutions and communities in Rwanda benefited from these programs and 3500 of them received free copies of Christian materials distributed.


César AGUIDI, 23, is making efforts  in community development, youth capacity building, nation-building and the development of the African continent in Togo.

Founding ‘The Influence’, which aims at building the capacity of young people with leadership potentials, Aguidi has initiated the project ‘Conferences of influentials’ with powerful themes such as Young Vision Bearers, Young Investors, Emotional Injury Effects On Youth Development and How To Build A Steel Mind.

He has reached more than 5,000 young people, not only in Togo but also in the West African sub-regions.

He has forged partnerships with AIME-AFRIQUE, the National Insurance Institute, the Togolese election management body, and the national television authority.


Matilda Asantewaa Sampong is a passionate philanthropist and advocate of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education for girls in Ghana.

She founded STEM GHANA INITIATIVE, a non-profit organization, in 2018 during her Second year at the university to help young girls overcome science and math anxiety and pursue their dream careers in STEM fields. Matilda held her first STEM outreach with funds from her personal upkeep, but subsequently gained partnership with GH, Scientific, and Wistem GH for its events.

The STEM Ghana Initiative has taught and mentored 2,000 students, especially girls in underprivileged communities. She has partnered with Ghana Scientific, her university and the  Empowering Female Minds in STEM, a UK-based NGO, as director of programs.

Through this alliance, she has helped 10 students secure scholarships to study in the United Kingdom and Canada.

As the director of Ghana’s chapter for Young Global Leaders Network, Matilda organized a bi-annual summit in November 2019 and in November 2021 with delegates from 21 African countries.


Sandrine Lionelle Zohou, 24, has his eyes on science and education, and campaigns for the involvement of the Togolese in the diaspora in the development of Togo.

As part of the science and education focus, Sandrine launched ‘Project Villages Heaven’ where she and her team provided 370 solar lamps. She also held success motivation classes for 240 pupils where she enlightened them on the importance of education and self-development.  More than 2000 have been so impacted.

In her magazine called “J’excelle” (meaning I excel),  she explains how to choose an academic program or a profession, how to fit into the job market, as well as information about opportunities in Africa. The magazine, now reaching 500000 across Francophoe Africa, contains practical case studies to facilitate the implementation of methods taught and was appreciated by educational leaders.

Her National Diaspora Mentoring Program titled “One Youth, One Mentor” to engage the Togolese Diaspora in the educational development of the country’s youth. Togolese living in the US, France, Morocco hve signed on.

Her other projects include “One Youth, One Community Project”, Lionelle Communication ( for entrepreneurship), co-founded S-Fashion House, an online store of African clothing in France.


Abraham Sylvester Asukwo is a visionary young leader and a literacy and tech enthusiast from Nigeria.

He is the founder of Excelling Youth Initiative, an organization established to support education in rural communities, empower African youths for success and Global Impact.

He organized a reading club known as the “Oron Book Club”, a weekly book reading session that reached over 100 young people in 3months.

He has also collaborated on different occasion to organize impactful projects for women and youth. Some of his partners include the Edet Amana Foundation, the Inspire world International Foundation, the Network of Book Readers and Promoters Council of Nigeria, the Alrange Limited (BOOKSELLERS’ ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA)  , the Queency ICT Academy, Pictures by Oyokunyi Francis, the Idua community, and many others.


Azaria Chidzungu is a very innovative and inspiring young leader from Malawi with an earnest desire to improve the livelihood of young people around him.

The 19-year-old launched with the book ‘Power of Your Mind’, a resource that is very helpful for improving lives—at least 5000 so far.

Azaria recently started a foundation named Africa`s Next Move, where he is helping and training young people on how to use technology to engineer lasting solutions and improve their communities.  No fewer than 150 young people have been reached already,  and is looking forward to reaching over 2,000 young people by the end of next year.


Derrick Absalom is a 21-year-old youth leader who demonstrates leadership through community service in various sectors. He has worked in the line of civic leadership and youth empowerment for more than 5 years. He has led more than 1000 students from the 5 Universities located in the Southern highlands.

He organized Youth leadership groups in secondary schools around the Mbeya region. He worked with the ‘She Can’ Foundation, and under its auspices, worked as a Project Facilitator teaching leadership and nation-building skills to young girls.

Derrick created the HUNICAF YOUTH SUPPORTER with the aim of impacting young school children. Through the organization, he impacted 600 Primary school students. He also identified four orphanages in Mbeya, and together with 35 young leaders he recruited from his university, he raised funds and built modern toilets for the four orphanages.

In February 2020, Derrick initiated an online computer skills course that benefited more than 250 young girls from Mbeya, enabling them to keep learning while the schools were closed during the lockdown.

As a youth livelihood facilitator, he brought together 200 young leaders – 120 from secondary schools and 80 from Iyela village in Mbeya and conducted seminars and outreaches to educate them on women’s rights and the power of volunteering. He facilitated several young people’s entry into Raleigh International – a voluntary youth organization where he previously served with distinction.

He has been chosen to participate in many different international conferences including the YALI conferences, Grassroots Trusts Country Exchange, Tanzania, and Saving African Nature (SANA) among others.


Ezekiel Nyanfor is a 23-year-old climate activist and entrepreneur from Liberia. He is very passionate about the promotion of the Green Economy for Africa’s development and advancement. In 2020, he started an NGO called “The Liberian Youth for Climate Actions – LYCA”. The organization has led campaigns and hosted conferences and workshops that directly impacted over 10,000 young people.

Other projects he has embarked on include the Earth Series , the ECO CLASS project,

the first National Clean Air Day in the Republic of Liberia.

All of these have brought together stakeholders in climate change campaigns.

His partnerships include that of Educate the Future Liberia, Reformational Youth of Liberia Inc., and YOTAN-Partner for Social Accountability to organize the first Race4Ocean beach clean-up exercise. Over 150 youths participated in the exercise.

Ezekiel’s exemplary accomplishments have earned him numerous notable commendations from youths across Africa, the Government of Liberia, and local NGOs.


Asma Rouabhia is a change agent and innovator who is passionate about empowering vulnerable communities.

She has participated in the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) Student Leaders Program in the United States. She volunteered and connected with American organizations and upon returning to her home country, Asma implemented a community engagement plan focused on knowledge sharing and youth capacity building.  She was awarded first place at the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) Alumni of the Year Award for leading the design and implementation of capacity building programs for policy makers and public sector reform, primarily in Africa.

She founded “ProActive Youth” and “ARTISUN,” two start-ups that foster creativity and leadership for hundreds of young people in Tunisia.

As a former regional focal point with the Major Group for Children and Youth, and the coordinator of the Youth Sustainable Energy Hub (a first-of-its kind global platform for youth action towards national development), Asma collaborated with The EL Space Social Innovation Hub as a volunteer project manager to train hundreds of children in underserved areas to design solutions for their communities and develop the Junior Social Innovation Initiative and other ventures, thus impacting over 1,000 youths.

In May 2021, Asma launched a new initiative called Elkhadra Sustainable: A Better Tunisia for All, to strengthen the knowledge and skills of young Tunisians and help them build self-leadership as they pivot socioeconomic transformation in the country.

She has been recognized as the Tunisian laureate with Women in Africa Initiative, the world’s leading international platform for the economic development and support of African women entrepreneurs.

Asma collaboratively worked with African Youth Architects to empower over 500 African youth and children through education, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

She was once the best delegate for The New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) and was also opportune to serve as the chairperson.


Gideon Chiedozie Okeke is a 23-year-old dynamic leader from Nigeria, and his footprints are glaring as a humanitarian, a volunteer, a student, and an entrepreneur. He is a co-director at Plusfrica Nigeria Limited, In-Grace Digital Resources Africa and the Founder of Impactfield Global Youth Initiative.

These initiatives have made impacts in training entrepreneurs, leaders; they offer scholarships and other educational aid.

He has published 15 books , sold 15,000 copies so far. His Enugu Readers Summit that has grown to become the second-largest gathering of students in Enugu with over 10,000 onsite participants at the annual program.