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Federal Palace Hotel operating against law of Nigeria — HPSSSA



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Following the cold war between HPSSSA with management of FPH, National Daily sought to know the root of the problem. Here are the excerpts of the Acting General Secretary of HPSSSA, Comrade Gbenga Isola with ANDREW OJIEZEL

WHAT led you into calling Federal Palace Hotel a slave camp?
We are not happy with the way and manner Federal Palace Hotel treats its Nigerian staff. Workers with the Hotel are being subjected to terrible and anti-labour conditions.

What do you mean by terrible and anti-labour condition in such a 5-star hotel?
Why we call condition of service in that hotel as anti-labour condition is because of many things. This is the reason why we wrote a protest letter to the Chairmen, Nigeria Senate, Senate Committee on Labour and copied Minister of Labour and Productivity, Director of State Security Service, Commissioner of Police Lagos State command, Speaker, Lagos State House of Assembly, President, Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), President and Secretary General, Trade Union Congress (TUC). To enable them know what is happening under their nose so that when we take action, we shall not be blamed. The petition is to draw the attention of everyone to the plights of young Nigerians who were engaged in guest services in hotel by Sun International. Unfortunately, Sun International is not a Nigerian registered company, our investigation showed that they don’t have base in Nigeria; yet, they are operating against the law of Nigeria.

You picketed that same hotel some time in 2015, was it for the same reason?
Yes, we protested against the management of that same hotel in January 2015 for unionism, but it seems they are not ready to change their bad behaviour. Though they reluctantly accepted unionism to take place in that hotel, but, the management is practicing against the rule of law.
It is bad that the Federal Palace Hotel have 18 foreigners as staff, even the Human Resources Manager is from South Africa. Do they want to say that there are not capable hands among Nigerians that can do that job?
Apart from that expatriate abuse, what steps have you taken to meet with the management of the hotel to warn them of your grievances before writing the National Assembly, and other relevant people?
Thank you very much; we wrote a petition to the appropriate authorities because all our past letters to different relevant organisations hardly saw the light of the day. We even wrote Ministry of Labour and Productivity on many occasions, but the hotel management is perhaps seeing the Ministry as toothless barking do whose role is mere advisory. Some of the key issues which we want the National Assembly and other well-meaning Nigerians include the refusal of the management to have negotiation of conditions of service for the entire staff. By this, they are subjecting staff to harsh conditions of service.
There is nothing like health and safety equipment for staff, there is nothing like training contrary to Employee Compensation Act 2014.
Zschlater Nigeria Limited, one of the outsourcing companies that is being used by the hotel has no recruiter license.
The management of the hotel has been deducting N7, 341.16 from salary of staff since December 2014, it is now N200 million they deducted so far without remittance of such money to the appropriate pension fund administrator (PFA) and without none issuance of tax clearance certificate to the staff for years.
The management has complete disregard to health condition of its customers by serving them expired food items, most of those products have expiration date back to 2011. Is not punishable offence for such a hotel to serve food items which expired since 2011 to customers in December 2015? The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) and National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), can help us verify this before they sell poisonous food to innocent customers.

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  1. Kenneth

    January 27, 2016 at 7:44 am

    I am aware of the expired food served by the federal palace hotel management, sometime in December 2015 and also of the false deduction of #7,341 the management has no regard for our dear country and also having a foreigner as a human resources manager can such foreigner translate our local law this is a serious issues which the manager arms of government shouldn’t handle with levity young and vibrant citizens are suffering in the hands of a foreigner we say no to this long live Nigeria and long live hapsssa

  2. onobrorhe ogheneobukome

    January 27, 2016 at 12:51 pm

    Is a fight to finish, no going back. Is either they improve or leave the country n the hotel for our Nigeria expert to manage. I expected the likes Ajayi, ugwu n co to advise them but quite unfortunate they ve been bought over n used them against there Nigeria brothers n sisters. What a mess ?

  3. Segun adetoun

    January 27, 2016 at 6:46 pm

    It’s very unfortunate because our Nigerian colleagues in the hotel are the one giving the South Africans clue and how to deal with Nigerians.all the Nigerian managers,and some of the supervisors are traitors.God will send out David kale igbo,Bogoshi,Olu Ajayi,Ugwuanyi and co

  4. olawale

    January 29, 2016 at 9:15 pm

    Its God’s time to expose to the public the heinous atrocities been committed against our brothers and sisters i mean both guests and staffs of the hotel.There are other countless hotels that are only about their profit maximisation and they don’t care who is adversely affected.I think its high time our authorities sit tight and take a permanent and decisive decision that will forever put all exploitations and maltreatments of our people to a very cold and permanent sleep.

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