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Former presidential aspirant is dead



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Former Prime Minister of Afghanistan Ahmed Shah Ahmadzai has passed away at the age of 78. The news of his death has been given by ANI quoting sources. Ahmad Shah Ahmadzai served in various key positions in the Government of Afghanistan from 1992 to 1994. After this he was the Prime Minister of Afghanistan from 1995 to 1996. After this the Taliban occupied the country and the former prime minister had to leave the country. Ahmed Shah Ahmadzai, who was living in India, returned to Afghanistan from India this month.

Who is Ahmed Shah Ahmedzai?

Ahmed Shah Ahmadzai was born in Malang, a village in the Khaki Jabbar district of Kabul province. He studied engineering at Kabul University and then worked in the Ministry of Agriculture. In 1972, he received a scholarship to study at Colorado State University in the United States. He received his master’s degree in 1975 and became a professor at King Faisal University in Saudi Arabia.

After the communist coup in 1978, Ahmadzai returned to Afghanistan to join the Mujahideen. He was a close associate of Burhanuddin Rabbani. He became a deputy of the Jamiat-e-Islami Party but then left and joined Abdul Rasool Sayyaf’s Islamic Organization of Afghanistan Party in 1992. He served as a minister in the post-communist Afghan government, variously as Minister of the Interior, Works and Education, and later became Prime Minister between 1995 and 1996.

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