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George Flyod: Speaker Pelosi, other US fed lawmakers take a knee; Americans react



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As protesting Americans take a knee for practically every bit of their demonstration, US Democrat’s lawmakers have adopted the almost nine-minute-long symbolism that became the rage since George Floyd died after a white cop knelt on the African American neck for eight minutes 46 seconds—14 days ago.

House and Senate lawmakers belonging to Democrat went down on a knee for 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence for Floyd on Capitol Hill yesterday. From there they moved to on to drafting policies that whittle police powers in America.

Among those taking a knee was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

But this didn’t impress many Americans commenting and tweeting on the MSNBC video showing the performative actions—each lawmaker taking a knee draped kente, a Ghanaian loincloth, around their neck.

Some described it as grandstanding; some said it was patronizing; others insisted it was the failure of the democrats who did nothing about blacks’ privilege before Floyd died.


“Cheap Stunt. Now let’s see them actually do something,’ said one Natasha, among scores of others taunting the lawmakers’ posture.

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