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German warplanes patrolling skies over Poland, air force says



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German warplanes patrolling skies over Poland, air force says.


The German air force on Tuesday, said German warplanes were flying armed air patrols, safeguarding the skies over Poland.

The air force said on Twitter, showing a picture of a starting fighter jet, without giving details.

A military spokesperson told Reuters the Eurofighter jets were flying missions out of Germany over Poland, a country that suffered severely under Nazi Germany in the last century.

Germany was also refuelling allied jets over Romania with an A400M tanker and supporting a multinational refuelling mission over Poland.

According to the spokesperson, Germany had deployed six Eurofighters to Romania where they fly armed air patrols for NATO.

On Monday, Germany announced it would send Tornado warplanes and a maritime patrol aircraft to the Baltic Sea area.

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