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Health benefit of breakfast



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By mercy Ben-kalio

What is breakfast?
The word “breakfast” literally refers to ‘breaking the fasting period of the prior night, so therefore, breakfast is a meal that should be eaten first in the morning before undertaking the days work.
When should breakfast be eaten?
Nutritionist advise that breakfast should be eaten within two hours of waking.
Why is breakfast necessary?
Breakfast is necessary because it provides various functions to the body,like,it provides the body as well as our brain with fuel after an overnight fast. Breakfast also provides our body with energy. There are good sources of nutrients in breakfast and they are,calcium, iron,B vitamins, protein and fibre. Our body needs all these important nutrients. Breakfast can as well be good for waistlines  and glucose levels many studies have proved that eating breakfast can improve our memory and concentration.
Facts about breakfast
In the morning, during your busy period, you should let breakfast fall in your list of priorities,because taking breakfast can really make a difference to your day failure to eat breakfast before leaving the house can make you tired and weak. Without breakfast. You are effectively running on empty.
in general, kids and teens who eat breakfast have think smarter and have a healthier growth.
So eating breakfast really is most essential meal of the day.people who dont get to eat breakfast can easily get irritated,restless and weak

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