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How Dr. Oby Ezekwesili steps aside from leadership of Red Card Movement



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The Red Cross Movement has announced the resignation of Oby Ezekwsili. This is happening after her recent declaration to run for the presidency in the coming presidential elections come 2019.

Here is the statement released by the RCM:

“In view of recent events in our political space and in keeping with the Red Card Movement (RCM) vision and objectives, we wish to state the following:
1. RCM is an independent and apolitical movement.
2. The primary objective of RCM is to end the persistent and cyclical problem of poor leadership and bad governance in Nigeria.
3. RCM was convened by Dr Oby Ezekwesili, in January 2018, by issuing a Red Card to the current (APC) and previous (PDP) governments within which exists many of the ruling political class. RCM is committed to taking on the task to midwife the emergence of credible, capable and competent alternatives to these two parties.
4. In October, the Convener of RCM- Dr Oby Ezekwesili and a few other leaders of the movement decided to participate in the political process, by contesting for elective office and/or being affiliated with political parties. To that effect and to avoid any conflicts of interest, they have stepped aside from membership and leadership of RCM. We are grateful for their patriotism and steady reputation of integrity.

The RCM is a well-grounded citizens’ Movement with a well defined vision and mission. It will continue to execute its agreed mandate by mobilizing citizens, to collectively strengthen our democracy. Our Movement shall continue with the plans to midwife the coalition of Alternatives that will produce a formidable consensus candidate that will disrupt the political space in 2019 elections. Nigeria deserves a leader who can deliver good governance to its citizens. That leader must have the Character, Competence and Capacity, to lead us to the New Nigeria of our dream.

We therefore urge all RCM members, to stay engaged and resist any narrative that the choice for 2019 elections is between Incompetence and Corruption. Nigeria deserves better and we must all stay committed to birthing the New Nigeria of our dream.

We remain resolute to work with all patriotic citizens, credible leaders, eminent Nigerians and alternative political parties to herald a visionary, youthful, dynamic, global and tech savvy leadership with character, competence & capacity.

Further announcement will be made concerning the leadership of RCM, at a later date.

Together we will.

Thank you”


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