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How drunken policeman killed twin brothers at Ketu Hotel – Witness



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The killing of a twin brother and a friend by a drunken policeman on Boxing Day in a Ketu Hotel have thrown up more ripples as residents and witnesses have explained how the policeman ran amok before the act.

The policeman identified as Sergeant Stephen James, had on the 26th December at a hotel in the Ketu area of Lagos State shot dead twin brothers identified as Taiwo and Kehinde Oyesunle and their friend known simply as Jeje before he took his life. It was learnt that the twins were the only children of their mother.

The Sergeant with Force number: 217884, was said to have smoked some raps of Indian Hemp (marijuana) and several bottles of assorted drinks before becoming uncontrollably, while threatening to shoot anyone that turns down his request for more drinks.

A witness, Adekunle Oyekola, who spoke to National Daily said visibly disturbed by the nuisance created by the policeman man cautioned him to comport himself as an officer of the law. Angered by their effrontery, the policeman opened fire at them killing the twins and their friend Jeje outside the premises of the hotel.

He further explained that Sergeant James was habitually drunk anytime he was around in the hotel premises wondering while the Nigerian Police Force would afford to accommodate such drunken policeman armed with a rifle knowing fully well that he was a disaster waiting to happen.

Adekunle who disclosed that he was at the bar to have some drinks with a friend added that the policeman actually barked on guests at the hotel threatening to shoot people, explained that at a point, the deceased twins pacified him to calm down especially as he was a symbol of authority in uniform. Rather, he got angrier.

“The policeman was drunk and uncontrollably. He was disturbing everybody soliciting for more drinks. At a point, I told my friend we should leave the place as his presence constituted nuisance to us. We were still opposite the hotel when the man came out wadding his rifle. A couple of minutes later, he started shooting and we jumped into the gutter until the firing stopped.

“When we came out of the hiding, we saw four people in pool of their blood. At a closer look, realised the twin brothers who had told the policeman to comport himself were among those shot dead. I could have been a victim if I had stayed longer than necessary. It is unfortunate NPF are growing some army of irresponsible officers. How would a responsible policeman on duty be seen with Olomo bitters and Totomeleto herbal bitters drinks?”

Asked if he has been seeing the policeman in the hotel behaving the same way he did before shooting the trio, he added “Although I have not seen him but when he started disturbing people, some guests were saying this drunken policeman has started again with his madness. Some added that despite reporting to the hotel management about the nuisance he constituted, the man is still left to come into the hotel premises.”

Another guest Andrew told our reporter that the drunken policeman is known for threatening to shoot people at the hotel. “Some residents have warned the hotel management about the attitude of the MOPOL but didn’t do anything about it. He just killed those three boys for nothing,” he said.

Lagos State Police spokesperson, DSP Joe Offor who had earlier confirmed the havoc done by the policeman maintained that the policeman was drunk while on duty at that hotel.

At the home of the twins at No. 3, Dairo Street, Ketu, a mammoth of sympathisers gathered discussing the tragedy that befell the Oyesule’s in low tones. It was gathered that the twins lost their father in June 2015 and were the only parents of the widow.

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