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How Holy Ghost exposed two suspected kidnappers in Dunamis Church



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Two suspected kidnappers who disguised as a Bishop and a Naval Officer have been nabbed while trying to defraud the Senior Pastor of the Dunamis International Church Centre, Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche.

Dr. Enenche who narrated the incident during a sermon said the two suspected kidnappers from Gambia stormed the church’s headquarters, Glory Dome, on Airport Road Abuja to defraud him.

The pastor who was teaching about the power of the Holy Spirit, said the two men were exposed through the help of the Holy Ghost, stating that their aim was to dupe the church and possibly kidnap some worshipers like they had hitherto done in other churches.

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According to him, one of the men who pretended to be a bishop from The Gambia, said he came to Nigeria to meet with him for prayer after having an encounter with the man of God in a trance.

He stated that the suspected criminals were exposed during a chat with a little girl who they kidnapped from Anambra State. He revealed that the assailants were handed over to the law enforcement agents after which they confessed to be criminals.

“The fake Bishop told me that the man who promised to bring him to me demanded for N1 million which according to him, he gave but said the person was no longer answering his calls.

“When I got the text, the first thing I said was “this is stupidity, as a bishop do you give people money before they see you? In any case, we will go to the root of that case. Whoever that person is, we shall arrest him.

“We called our pastor in the Local Government where the man said he was, and when our pastor met the man, he told us that the story sounded real. There was also a naval officer who also heard about him and helped to rescue the ‘bishop’ who, according to him, revealed my contact which they used to call me.

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“Our pastor in the state arranged for them to meet us here in Abuja. When I saw them, I excitedly received them and he narrated all the stories, how he had surgery with some terrible scars on his body.

“He said during the surgery, he was dead for four hours going to hell when he saw me and that I interrupted his death and asked him to come back to the world and come to Nigeria to meet me.


“So we decided to get them a place to stay over here both him and the ‘Naval officer’ and his ‘daughter’ who I hadn’t seen that time.

“Then I came into the church auditorium to pray for some people and then I met him standing somewhere here waiting for when someone would take him to the lodge and then the little girl who he claimed is his daughter was standing here too.

“When I met the daughter, the man said ooo, my daughter likes you a lot, she likes your dancing steps. So I called the daughter and greeted her.

“The Holy Ghost came on me on the spot so I asked the girl, is that your father? She said yes. Where do you stay? She said ‘ I’m staying in Lagos.’ Have you travelled out of the country before? And she said No. So where are you from? She mentioned the state. What about the man? She told me the man is from Cross River State and lives in that place he claimed they kept him.

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“The little girl said, sir, I want you to free me from their hands. That they kidnapped her from Anambra State.

“According to the little girl, the man went to their church claiming to be a pastor and duped the people then ran away the next day with the little girl.

“The Elder sister of the girl called the man and he (‘bishop’) told them to bring a certain amount of money before he would release the girl. It was like a film. All the other stories that the girl told me, you don’t want to hear them. Abuse from both men. She was in tears. I assured her that she was already freed.

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