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“I breast feed my husband” and here is the reason



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If you think you’ve seen everything, guess again. Because TikTok is here to prove you wrong once more.

Jennifer recently gave the following account of why her husband, Toni, breastfed by her:

Jennifer recounted how she got mastitis (an infection that can develop if you’re breastfeeding) in her TikTok video, which has nearly 12 million views. She got a large clump of milk caught in her milk ducts as a result of this. Jennifer looked for natural methods to help ease and express the clog but was unsuccessful…until her husband “breastfed” from her and sucked it out.

Jennifer and Toni were interviewed by BuzzFeed to learn more about this incredible event. “For someone who has never had mastitis, the best explanation is that it feels like a scorching sunburn on the skin with a deep bruised feeling. The pain lasted two and a half days after I was diagnosed, and my baby couldn’t breast from that side because nothing was coming out. There were many tears shed “she remarked

Jennifer claimed that her antibiotics were not helping and that the agony was severe, despite the fact that her doctor had prescribed them. As a result, she began looking for natural solutions to clear the clogged milk duct.

“I was pumping, bathing in Epsom salts, ‘dangle feeding,’ the Epsom salt haka technique, and wearing cabbage leaves in my bra…

I tried everything that had previously worked for me when I had mastitis with my firstborn, but this was a very obstinate blockage, and nothing seemed to assist or work.”

Jennifer became frantic after none of the natural cures worked. “I came across this post advising your partner to suck the clog out. ‘Would you be willing to help me out?’ I asked my husband. ‘I would do that for you,’ he said. I’m afraid I’ll throw up. I think I’m going to puke. But I’d be happy to do that for you.'”

Toni was the one who pulled it off! “The blockage, which had been stuck for nearly three days with nothing working, was removed in about three minutes. We all laughed a lot because he was unclogging the milk by spitting it out in a nearby bowl. We didn’t know what to expect, so we prepared everything. The whole incident was amusing and odd, but there’s something alluring about a man who would go to such lengths for you “Jennifer stated.

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