Ikorodu Murder: Maya community deserted as slained Ojajune laid to rests

By Lanre Adesanya

Formerly serene Maya Community a fast growing suburb area in Ikorodu,has been left desolate and deserted after the dastard murder of forty-four years old Samuel Adegoroye Ojajune, a.k.a(Koro Maya).

Slained Adegoroye, father of three children all in their teens had been residing in his house situated at number 1 Koro Ojajune street Maya, Ikorodu, was murdered between 10-11pm in his Maya residence, before his thirteen years old eldest daughter Omotoyosi Ojajune, who recounted the gory tales of the heartless murder of her loving and unassuming father.

In her words,”It happened around 10pm January 12,2017, I was watching TV and also assisting my brother with his assignment, after which he went to rest then I sighted someone peeping through our window.

“I went to inform my mummy twice but she was so tired and just concluded I did not see anybody that I should go and seat down, but when she tried waking my daddy up that was when those people came inside.

“They were about five of them, while one stood outside shouting that we bring out our phones, they took my daddy outside, having shot him and he was still dragging with them, that was when one of them angrily brought out cutlass and cut him on his head and neck.

“One of the people that slapped me was putting on a red cap and yellow jersey holding a gun while the other wore red cap, a black top and trousers with white trainers.

“My mummy and we the children were so afraid and could not do anything to help, when they left my father was still breathing and wanted to tell my mum something but she was just moving up and down.

“We later ran into the bush at our backyard and went to our cousin’s house as we could not get any help from neighbours, the government should help my mother with job so that she can cater for our needs and pay our school fees”. Toyosi said near to tears.

Disillusioned Mrs. Oluwafunke Ojajune, described her late husband as a very strong  person, who loves everybody, a kind hearted man, who is not heartless.

Speaking on what could have culminated in the murder of the family’s breadwinner, late Ojajune’s wife Oluwafunke an Ordinary National Diploma (OND) holder in Business Studies, mentioned a man who is popularly known as Computer as the prime suspect, stating that he clearly felt threatened by her late husband’s clout and influence within the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) in Maya under the Ikorodu branch.

“We have been living here for the past nine years, this happening is unprecedented as my husband due to his closeness to Hon. Babajimi Benson was able to facilitate the deployment of soldiers to Maya owing to cult clashes prevalent there, now they have killed him and the soldiers have left, saying the person taking care of us is no more.

Mrs. Esther Oshinjinrin (nee Ojajune) younger sister to late Adegoroye also recounted the ugly tale of how his loss has taken its toll on the family, because late Ojajune is somebody they are looking up to in the family.

“My brother would have turned 44 years old by September, those people who killed him have a link with a number of friends with whom he played till late that night, because one of them called to affirm if he was already back home before the unfortunate incident happened.

His senior brother Mr. Augustine Ojajune who noted that he incident the murder at the police station at Ishagamu Road, raised eyebrows on the complicity of the Nigerian Police who attempt to douse the intensity and criminality of the case, having facilitated the release of a prime suspect in a capital offense on ground self recognition of Ikorodu NURTW boss.

A cousin to the slain Ojajune, Comrade Alex Omotehinse, Chairman Committee for Defence of Human Rights CDHR also lampooned the police for the unholy alliance stating unequivocally that justice must be done as the personalities in questions have perpetrated an heinous crime, which demands capital punishment.