I’m here to change the face of powerlifting in Nigeria – Sunny Power

US based Nigerian international powerlifter Erepadei Sunday Amos aka Sunny Power has been made president of the Powerlifting Federation of Nigeria. He chatted with National Daily Esther Egbe recently about how he was called up suddenly to head the federation and more in this exclusive interview.

Why did you travel to America?

I went to America to be certified powerlifting coach practitioner after completing the requirement under the United States Powerlifting Association. I was there to upgrade my career.

Did you ever believed you will become president of the powerlifting federation of Nigeria so soon?

First and foremost, I don’t think it is soon. You and I know how long I have come about powerlifting.  To answer your question, Since I left Nigeria, I have been praying, and working toward this great day of my appointment as World Powerlifting Nigeria President. I don’t have an ideal people who voted me as the new president. But according to the information I got people have been making research about me  and they recognized my work and efforts i have put in the work for years. Am grateful for this new position.

How do you feel about your new position as president?

I feel so happy, so great and l give God all the glory.

How long have you been into powerlifting?

I have been into it for 18 years as an athlete, but 12 years as a professional international athlete.

How would you describe your time representing Nigeria?

Yes, I have, because i have great passion for the game and I’m still representing Nigeria.

Now that you are the President of Powerlifting what are the things you want to do differently?

First is to unite, to bring all powerliters on board and to work together, to achieve our goals. Secondly, my goal for powerlifting is for it to be included in the National Sports Festival. Thirdly there always be an annual powerlifting open championship, in which powerlifters will have the opportunity to show their athleticism.With my international exposure and experience, I’m going to bring international investors into the country to support and also sponsor our powerlifting event.

When was your highest point in powerlifting?

World championship.

Are you going to be operating from US or Nigeria?

I’m World Powerlifting Nigeria President, not World Powerlifting American. I will be coming to operate from Nigeria, because Nigeria has so many strong powerlifters that just need to be exposed to the international powerlifting world.

Do you have any plans before the year will run out?

Yes I do, but because of the coron virus pandemic of slow down many things.

So some things will wait till this covid-19 is over?

Yeah, some things will wait because will all know that the covid-19 issue is a global problem that has already impacted on economies.

What influenced you into powerlifting?

Because I love to be a competitor, and I’m once a bodybuilder, a weightlifter. All those combat sports are my influencers.

Where did you start off poweliftling?

I started with Oyo, Lagos  and Bayelsa

What have you put in place to make your tenure successful?

To work with the Ministry of Sports, constant on media tour about powerlifting, catch them young talent hunting, annual powerlifting competitions and cash award and also international sponsorship deal.

What are the awards you have won since you started?

I have won a lot since i became a professional power lifting athlete.

100% Raw Powerlifting Federation New Mexico State Championship—–2014 silver memedal.
100% Raw Powerlifting Federation, North Carolina State Championship—- 2015 silver medal.
Virginia classic USA powerlifting championship —-2015 Silver Federation .
100% raw powerlifting federation eastern USA Open Single Lift Championship—-Gold Medal 2016.
3x Battle Omedal  Border Gold Medal Champion .2015,2016,2017.
100% Raw Powerlifting Federation (2015) America challenge North Carolina Gold Medal.
(2015) push/pull world championship gold medal @ 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation.
(2016) United States Northeast regional powerlifting champion. I have won so many championship, but the big one among all is 2015 100% raw powerlifting Federation World Championship. I won gold medal in push pull.
Jacked-o-lantern powerlifting classic–Gold medal 2016.

How long did you coach before becoming President of the Federation?

I coached for eight to nine years before I got my call up to lead the Federation.

Is it easier to work with males than females?

Both are amazing people to work with. Its just to follow my instruction. That’s all they both need. Our training is in three categories{ squat ,bench press and deadlift.

How long does the training take to be a professional?

It depend on the individual. You know your number, know the rules and regulations. You need to be competing for international game before you becoming a professional.

How many athletes have you supported since you started?

I have helped 15 athletes across Oyo, Lagos, Rivers,Imo ,Bayelsa and Abuja. They are waiting for me to get back to Nigeria and make the necessary change.