INEC Server: Here’s Atiku’s most disappointing expert witness—and he’s foreigner

David Ayu Nyango Njoga, an ICT expert witness for PDP candidate Atiku Abubakar on Friday told the presidential election tribunal he retrieved the results of the Feb 23 presidential election on March 12  from INEC server.

As though that was not a blunder enough, the server expert said he got the result from a third-party server “”.

The Kenyan also claimed that the information was provided by an INEC official, anonymously.

When asked if the website belonged to INEC, he said no. It was  a whistle-blower’s.

According to him, the website was created on March 12, 2019.

When reminded that the presidential election held on February 23 and the results were released before March 12, the Atiku expert witness went dumb.

Out of about 62 witnesses Atiku and the PDP assembled, Nyango was the the worst to have tied himself up in a knot during cross examination.