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Issuance of visa to investors on arrival at airports grossing daily in Nigeria — FAAN



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The chief executive of Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Mr. Saleh Dunoma disclosed that the new policy of issuing Visa at airports to foreign investors remains one of the best ease of doing business policy in the nations aviation sector.

Dunoma said “Visa on arrival is on the increase in Nigeria”.

“The whole thing is to make travel and business easy. So, if I don’t have to apply for visa and go for visa interview in a country and I know that if I come to Nigeria I get visa, it makes life easy. A lot of people are encouraged to travel.

Continuing, he revealed that as soon as prospective visitors and mainly investors had sent an application online, “by the time they arrive here, they just submit their passports and they are issued visa”.

“This will encourage people because it makes life and travel easy. All you need to do is to send your applications and if you fill the forms online. By the time you arrive at the airport, it takes a few minutes to get the visa. This encourages people to travel. That is why the number of visa on arrival is on the increase.

Dunoma recalled that “Before the introduction of visa on arrival, in some countries where we don’t have embassy, it makes life difficult for people to travel. It will continue to increase. There was a time the Canadian government removed their embassy from Nigeria; so we had to go to Ghana to get visa. If there was visa on arrival, why do I need to spend a night in Accra just to get visa? With visa on arrival, you send your application; once you get approval, you travel”.