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Jonathan speaks out on IPOB/army clash



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Former President Goodluck Jonathan has taken exemption to violence unleashed on innocent people and places of worship across the southeast as the Nigeria Army carries out its combat-readiness exercise tagged Operation Python Dance.
“In as much as there may be a need to enforce order, there is a greater need to reinforce our humanity and treat Nigerian citizens humanely whether they be from the North or South.” He said in statement Saturday.
“Nothing justifies the desecration and destruction of religious places of worship or a police station. But even more so, nothing justifies the endangering of human life.”
The clash between the security agencies and supporters of the proscribed separatist Indigenous People of Biafra led by Nnamdi Kanu has escalated hostilities in Rivers and Plateau—between Hausa and Igbo.
Moreover, the insistence of the army to continue the op which many believe is meant to intimidate the secessionist group and its supporters is further fuelling the crisis. The separatists also alleged the army was on a mission to kill their leader.
Early on Friday before the group outlawed by the Southeast Governors Forum, Kanu said IPOB may consider arms struggle with the Nigeria forces.
According to Jonathan, the report of these developments prompted him to call on statesmen across the nation to do something urgently.
“Perhaps it is time for the Council of State to intervene and offer its wise counsel,” he said.
The former president insisted that no matter the tough times Nigeria is going through now, the citizens cannot deny the fact of their togetherness.
“We know that it is impossible to deny the brotherhood of all Nigerians after over a century of a shared commonwealth,” he said.
He pleaded that in the face of these circumstances, Nigerians must have faith that God in His infinite wisdom will guide us to finding a way out that is fair and just to all concerned.