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Kidnapping now taken to the next level



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AS security agencies continue to clamp down on kidnappers across the country, the criminals are now baiting their prey out of their comfort zones to places where the victims’ parents, relations or guardian are contacted for ransom.

It was gathered from kidnappers arrested by various police commands across the country in recenttimes that most of the criminals cash in on the innocence and friendliness of children to kidnap them, especially when their parents leave them to play around in the neighbourhood.

Security analysts point out that one of the most disturbing tricks found to have been fully exploited by the criminal gangs include asking for assistance, such as asking directions, or, using pets to lure them.

While some resort to using freebies such as biscuit to lure them, it was also gathered that some were hypnotised before being kidnapped.

A taxi driver was recently robbed and kidnapped by a woman who had pretended to be pregnant. The driver, out of sympathy, assisted to help her only to have ended up kidnapped for ransom.

A kidnapped victim who spoke with the National Daily anonymously revealed how kidnappers hit his car from behind just as he was trying to navigate into his estate at Isheri early this year.

“When the car hit me from behind, I came down to see the damage and realised that it was not too much. They also came down to beg.

“Just as I moved into my car, other occupants of their car rushed at me and bundled me out into their car, and zoomed off.

“That was how I started the journey into the den of kidnappers until my elder brother paid N3m before I was released after one week,” he said.

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Investigation also revealed that kidnapers target single woman drivers, whom they hit behind their cars to lure them to stop before abducting them.


Apart from the criminals getting used to the nooks and crannies of where they want to kidnap victim, it was also revealed that one tactic they employ nowadays is trying to be nice to people.

In the process of such relationship, they swoop on him after they might have given sufficient information to their criminal gang.

According to the victim, kidnappers also work on the psychology of people, especially young children. They learn every trick to deceive children that their parents mandated them to take the child to them.

That was one of the tricks used to abduct a child at the Methodist Baptist Church at Surulere in 2015, before they abandoned her in another church in Abeokuta.

Police investigations also revealed that kidnappers and ritualists use innocent children to get to their victims. It was further gathered that they use a child who will be crying with an address in his hand asking for direction. The moment anygood Samaritan assist to locate the address, such person would be kidnapped.

Mrs Elisha told National Daily how she was kidnapped while in a taxi from the hospital to her house at Lekki and relived of everything she had on her.

They now use unpainted Lagos Taxi colour for transportation, plying busy routes without people suspecting them. Once they grab a victim, they divert their route while holding their victim incommunicado until they establish contact with relatives who pay some money to them before releasing the victim.