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Kwara community bemoans 18-month power blackout



Kwara community bemoans 18-month power blackout
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Ahmed Seriki, the leader of the Oke-Oyi Community Development Association in Ilorin East LGA, Kwara, has appealed to the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) to reinstate electricity supply to the locality, following an enduring 18-month period without power. The blackout also affects Agbeyangi, Oke-Ose, Panada, Badi, Adelu and Oloro.
National Daily Newspaper gathered the report during an interview in Ilorin on Tuesday, Seriki conveyed his dismay over the situation and urgently implored IBEDC to address this critical matter.
This persistent issue, according to Seriki has significantly impacted business operations within the vicinity, amplifying the challenges posed by the prevailing economic difficulties.
“We urge the appropriate authorities, particularly the state Governor and the IBEDC, to restore the power outage in the town. The power outage has paralysed socio-economic activities in this community,” Seriki said.
He regretted that many businesspeople relocated to other towns, while those that could not are languishing in abject poverty.
Similarly, the secretary of the association, Jamiu Oladokun, explained the community as a result of concerted efforts bought cables to help assuage the devastating situation, adding that the effort yielded no desired result.
“All the hospitals in Oke-Oyi are complaining about the huge amount of diesel and petrol they buy to power their generators and other necessary equipment.
“We have made several meetings with the IBEDC officials at Baboko and Sango in Ilorin, to the extent that we contributed money to procure the damaged materials, yet it was fruitless,” he said.
The secretary while discussing the situation to National Daily Newspaper described the situation as unbearable for residents. However, a resident, Jimoh Yewande, appealed to the authorities to save them as it is easy for criminals to operate better in darkness.

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