Ladies should stop using tissue after peeing, this is why

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Some women find it hard or get irritated after using tissues when they urinate. But as a woman, it is good to clean yourself or wipe yourself after urinating.

Women are required to maintain a high standard of hygiene when it comes to their private parts, so they won’t get infections or irritation around the skin surrounding the private part.

This because skin in such areas is very sensitive. That is why you have to be mindful of what you used to clean yourself after urinating as a woman.

Here Are 2 Things Women Should Use In Place Of Tissue Papers After Urinating. Some women don’t clean themselves or wipe themselves after urinating. Why others likely complain about irritation after using tissues paper. This occurs because of incorrect wiping. If you want to clean yourself using tissues after urinating, it’s best to start from the front, not back to front. Using back to front might be dangerous because you might pass some bacteria from your rectum to your private part, and this might cause an infection because such a part of a woman’s body has sensitive skin.

Some women have irritation after using tissue paper because the skin in your private part is very sensitive, and some of those tissues might be exposed to germs or diseases, which can make a woman start feeling discomfort, burning, itching and pain after using tissues that are exposed to bacteria.

That why it is best to use:

1. Clean Water After Urinating 

Using clean water is also good and will help you clean up very well. Using tissues might not keep you 50% clean, only for an emergency purpose or in a palace where you find it hard to get water. And people who get irritated or feel itching after using tissues can try clean water.

2. Clean Towel

Yes, a clean towel is also good. After using water, you can use a clean towel to clean yourself, so you remain dry. Not cleaning yourself properly might make you have bad smell or feel discomfort. So you can see, it is not only a tissue you can use to clean yourself up after urinating.