7 Types of breakfast and their health benefits

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Breakfast which is the first meal of the day have been described as a very important meal which should not be skipped. It is necessary to eat healthy meals which will strengthen the body for the day. According to better health, the benefits of eating healthy breakfast are reviewed below.


Health benefits of eating healthy breakfast

1. Breakfast supply required energy to the body, which makes people more active. It also promotes heart health.

2. Breakfast helps in boosting brain power due to increased metabolism.

3. Breakfast supply the body with essential vitamins and minerals needed for the day.

3. Breakfast helps in maintaining an healthy weight. This is because eating regularly will prevent eating heavily thereby preventing diseases like obesity.

4. Breakfast helps school children to perform better in school. They will be cheerful to embrace the day’s work which may lead to better performances.

The above are few of the numerous health benefits of eating breakfast. I’ll hereby give some healthy breakfast suggestions.

1. Pap with beans cake

Pap also known as Koko, ogi or akamu is a Nigerian food made with whole grains such as corn, millet and guinea corn. Pap is rich in fibre and is therefore good for the body, also beans cake is a good source of plant protein.

2. Sandwich and beverage

This is a great meal to start the day as bread is a good source of carbohydrate which will give the required energy for the day.

3. Custard and moinmoin

Moinmoin is a source of plant protein which is essential for the body. Pap can also be served in place of custard.

4. Pancake

5. Egg and plantain frittata

6. Stewed beans and plantain

7. Yam and egg sauce