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Machete-wieldng man angry with neighbours, targets their 2-yr-old’s head, gets his leg



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Idowu Ali, a commercial bus driver, is facing trial for storming his neighbor’s apartment and targeting their sleeping two-year-old son’s leg around 11 pm in the Oja Oba area of Ilorin.

The police prosecutor told an Ilorin magistrate court the violence originated from earlier quarrel between the two neighbours: the Ifeanyis and the Alis.

According to the First Information Report, Idowu explained how on June 7 his wife called him that Emmanuel Ifeanyi’s wife beat Ali’s 10-year-old son who had a quarrel with Ifeanyi’s daughter.

Idowu was at work then. He promised to address it when he returned in the evening—which he did.

“When you returned from work in the night, you forcefully trespassed and kicked the door of Emmanuel Ifeanyi, aka Baba Ibo’s house open, and challenged him as to why he and his wife beat your wife and that Baba Ibo pushed you, which made you return to your house to pick your cutlass and went back to Baba Ibo’s house with the cutlass and severed Godwin Ifeanyi’s right leg from the ankle,” the report stated.

So on June 8, Ifeanyi reported at the ‘C’ Division Police Station, Ilorin.

Ali, the report added, aimed for the toddler’s head before the machete missed it, and got the leg.

“Emmanuel Ifeanyi further stated that while he was trying to collect the cutlass from the said Idowu Ali to prevent him from further harming his family members, Idowu Ali used the cutlass to attack him and cut his right thumb.”

The boy has been admitted to hospital, according to Ifeanyi’s lawyer, while Ali remains at the Oke Kura correctional center .

The state has also filed a suit against Ali at a high court.

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