Magu splits Presidency
  • Buhari under pressure to retain EFCC boss
The controversies over the appointment of Ibrahim Magu as Acting Executive Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) by President Muhammadu Buhari and the refusal of the Senate to confirm the appointment have created deep gulf in the Presidency. A reliable source from the seat of power revealed to National Daily that principal officers in the Presidency and their ‘godfathers’ surrounding President Buhari are currently on collision course over the consideration to drop Magu, then, appoint another person that will be acceptable to the Senate or represent his name to the Senate for confirmation.
It was gathered that there is strong opposition to Magu’s appointment from the Daura political dynasty to the Office of the Chief of Staff.  The Director of the Department of Security Service (DSS) was alleged to be merely complementing the prejudices of those opposed to Magu’s appointment as EFCC Chairman.
Some others were disclosed to have insisted that Magu must remain as head of the EFCC. They have vowed to do everything possible to ensure President Buhari resends Magu’s name to the Senate for fresh consideration and confirmation.
This principal officers in the Presidency sponsoring Magu’s re-nomination to the Senate were of the view that the Senate is playing politics with Magu’s appointment, and therefore, will not be allowed to get away with the plot.
Our source revealed that the Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Anti-Corruption crusade (PACA), Professor Itse Sagay, has solid support for this group. He was said to have expressed that he was not convinced that the DSS report was sufficient for the Senate to reject Magu’s confirmation.  Our source also revealed that Sagay further noted that the same Service had earlier writing Magu commending him for his performance in the anti-corruption agenda.
The split in the Presidency was disclosed to have emerged out of the lobby by certain principal officers in the Presidency and other political appointees in the federal government on the President to re-summit Magu’s name to the Senate for confirmation. The President was, however, said to be watching the entire drama and is yet to take any decision.
The embattled EFCC boss has failed the Senate’s test twice, stalling his confirmation as substantive Executive Chairman of EFCC.  In the two instances, the Senate relied on the DSS report that indict Magu of corruption in turning down the confirmation of Magu.
The Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Ibrahim Malami, had been ordered by President Buhari to investigate the allegation to which he has since issued query to Magu.
Magu has, however, written Malami debunking the allegations and narrating his side of the story.
Magu was sighted in London at the weekend with the PACA Chairman last weekend.