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Media personality, Toke Makinwa reveals expectations of potential lover



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TV host, Toke Makinwa, has revealed that her expectations of any man she would be in a relationship with are very high.

She stated what her expectations are on Tuesday via posts on her Instagram Story.

Makinwa boasted that she had become her own knight in shining armour, hence any man who wants to come into her life would have to give her the moon.

Her posts read, “At this rate, I can definitely say I‘ve become the knight in shining armour I’ve always dreamt of. Feels so good to be so empowered to do for me what I once thought I needed someone to. The bar is set extremely high too.

“Simply put, it will take a lot, so much more to impress me cos(sic) I’ve saved myself so much in this lifetime, to give up my comfort and peace of mind for any man. You’ve got to bring me the moon. Better still evacuate the earth and give it to me.”

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