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Mike Ozekhome (SAN): Garland to the living legend @ 66 



Mike Ozekhome (SAN): Garland To The Living Legend @ 66 
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TODAY should have been an iconic moment and classic meme for the inimitable Chief Mike Ozekhome if he’s not a student and teacher of the ladder of life. The reason this day is particularly special and not so special for him is because he leaves everyday as if it is going to be his last day on earth. For the Nigerian foremost legal icon and human rights activist, everyday is his birthday.
Brave and bold – Ozek Baba– is a study in foresinc brilliance and excellences in all his dealings. His exotic style, magnificent wellbeing, exuding confidence made him a global heartthrob with a cult of following among lovers of justice and haters of oppression.
The Akpakpa Vighi Vighi’s of Edo land staying power, inspiration and strength revolves around the tripod of prayers, of hard work and of enjoyment, as the intrepid pillars of his success in his 66 grueling and toiling years of advocacy in the society and human advancement.
So, today isn’t just going to be for celebration solely, it’s going to be, as usual, of solemn reflection, of moral rearmament, of lifting dejected souls incarcerated for minor or no offences, like the Good Samaritan who rescued robber victim on a Sabbath day.
Born in Agenebode on October 15, 1957, Edo State, the Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) never forgot his Afemai root. His magical allure to his land of nativity spurs him relentlessly to giving back one-twelfth of his hard earned resources towards the development of his homestead, the Nigerian State and beyond.
As result of his urge for human solidarity for the vulnerable in the society, he founded Mike Ozekhome Foundation (MOF), a wholly philanthropic and charitable organization committed to salvaging from ignorance, abject penury, hunger, disease and squalor, the down-trodden and wretched of the society.
This Foundation is involved in granting interest-free micro credit facilities, promoting sports and social welfare, granting scholarships to indigent but brilliant students of secondary and tertiary institutions, youth and woman development and empowerment through provision of motorcycles, sewing machines, etc and general re-engineering of the society.
I join the rest of the civilized world and millions of his admirers in wishing Chief Mike Ozekhome, the master of civility, legal idol, philanthropist and indefatigable campaigner for civil rights a warm, rousing and hearty happy birthday.
As a durable Living Legend that he is, may his gaiety, warm, pulsating empathy for the less privileged remained constant like the oasis in the wilderness of privation and degradation!
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