Morocco must quit Western Sahara – NLC


The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) has restated its stands that Morocco must quit the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic so that it can become independent. This was stated by the Acting president, Nigerian Labour Congress, Comrade Najeem Yasin when the President of Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, Brahim Ghali visited the leadership of the NLC in Abuja. According to Najeem in his remarks during the visit, the Nigeria Labour Congress is Spear-heading National solidarity of the Labour Movement and its allies in the academia, civil society, professional groups, peasants and student to mobilize the populace in support of the struggles of the people of Western Sahara. He further revealed that the NLC have provided Office Space for the secretariat of the Nigerian Movement for the liberation of Western Sahara as part of its resolve and commitment to the liberation struggle of the Saharawi people. He further noted that NLC has a strategy which involves meetings, Conferences and programs to deepen its solidarity and expand mass support for the liberation struggles of the Saharawi people. He words, “We have had meetings and Programs and will still hold mass meetings, conferences and programs to deepen our solidarity and expand mass support for your liberation struggles, which we see as our collective struggles. We have also led mass protest to the Embassy of Morocco here in Abuja’’
Mr. Najeem further affirmed, “As long as Western Sahara is not free, Africa is not free, and all Africans and African Countries must be involves in this struggle. So all must renew our collective demand that morocco must be isolated in the global space by all countries, not just in Africa but in the entire world, until Western Sahara gains sovereignty, free from all colonial control.” While pledging the NLC on unflinching support and solidarity, the Acting NLC president restated the Morocco’s colonial grip on Africa’s last colony against the resolutions of the defunct organization of Africa Unity, Now African Union must end. On his own remarks, the President of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic thanked the NLC and Nigeria for their solidarity in the liberation of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic. He Acknowledge Nigeria’s leading liberation role in Africa as can be seen in Angola, Namibia and Others. He noted that the people of Western Sahara appreciated and recognized this role as others around the world .END