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Mr Nigeria charges youths to vote with conscience



Mr Nigeria charges youths to vote with conscience
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Mr Nigeria International 2021/2022, Ajewole Odunayo, has urged youths to vote their conscience without being subjective nor bias during the 2023 elections.

Odunayo spoke the News Agency of Nigeria on Sunday following ongoing preparations for the presidential elections on Feb. 25.

According to him, It’s time to change the narrative and vote our conscience without being bias.

Odunayo, a graduate of Insurance from University of Lagos (Unilag) advises the youth to vote for a candidate that is capable and experienced.

“ I will not vote for a candidate because I like him, he’s young nor for tribe.

“I will rather vote for a candidate that is capable, experienced and worthy of causing the change we all need in the society.

“Liking the candidate is not a yardstick to voting, you need more quality than that. A whole lot is happening in the country at the moment.

“Please think deeply and look through the options before you cast your vote. Remember, don’t let your emotions override your decision. Look for experience, competency, leadership qualities.

“The youth need someone who is capable of giving us the Nigeria we desire,” he told NAN.

Odunayo, who is also an event planner and fashion entrepreneur, said that his one year reign showcased different events across the country both corporate and social programmes.

“I have expanded my sphere of influence at home and beyond on young people in the society since I assumed my role as “Mr Nigeria”.

“I did this in a formal and informal way by always encouraging young persons to strive for success and achieve their dreams irrespective of whatever they were facing.


“I intend to take this to another level entirely by partnering with organisations to do more on a large scale, even after I hand over to another winner, ” he said.

The 10th outgoing Mr Nigeria said he was using the platform to also raise the awareness for senior citizens about their health status.

“As a person who has lost a loved one to sudden death and seeing the level of nonchalant attitude towards health among the youths.

“I am concerned and intend to partner with organisations to create a lasting impact.

” I have offered free health supplies to primary school students and also enrolled few youths in skill acquisition programmes,” the model said.

Speaking on how the youth could bring about positive impact in the country, the music lover said it was time for the youths to remodel their mindset.

“I think the best way the youths can bring about positive change in the country is by renewal of mind set, genuine determination to do things differently from the old fashion.

“We are used to looking up to the government for everything, but if we challenge ourselves in fixing those vices affecting us in due time, the change will be visible.

“The world is a global space and Information Technology is one of the fastest growing industries, we have some of our youths functioning so well in that sector but it is not enough.

“We invite more youths to join this train so that we can create modern technology to help develop our country and we will be able to compete globally,” he said.

In addition, Odunayo told NAN that the government needs to educate and support the youth in private skills instead of them looking for white collar jobs.

“The government should create jobs, enabling environment, skill acquisition centers, modern infrastructure and quarterly sensitisation of the youths and mentorship for the youths.

“These would bring about a better environment and less crime rate in the society instead of kidnapping, bandits, unknown gunmen and rise in cyber crimes,” he said.


NAN reports that the 10 year old Mr Nigeria pageantry, which started as Mr and Miss Nigeria International, has produced men and women to top ranking positions in the country and world at large.

The pageantry, organised by Dr Nsikak Brendan, also produced top five global 2019 in Thailand while the current Mr Nigeria who was 2nd runner up ranked winner in Ultra Continental Ecuador.


Source – NAN