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Nagging: Who you help?



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0-5 years into Marriage:
Hubby still struggling. Wife has adjusted to hubby’s situation. With loads of nagging though. She nags the hell. Name-calling and complaining of all the stuffs hubby can’t afford. Hubby just keeps trying and hoping to succeed. Some insults from wifey nails-in and arrows-in now and then.

0-10 years in Marriage:
Wife has threatened to leave 7 times now. The nagging is now 4.0. The insults also has upgraded. Hubby is still called what he is, poor. All the not so fantastic income is brought home and the family will manage.

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0-15 years into Marriage:
The trouble is tripled. Nagging has upgraded version, 14.0. However, she has adjusted too. They smile, laugh and get happy once in a while.

0-20 years into Marriage:
Hubby has won a jackpot with an idea. He’s super wealthy. Super connected. He’s Superman. Wifey has adjusted too. Sharply. Wife’s nagging sees an all time dropping…to version 2.0. The story now is also slightly different. Whenever hubby is suspected of a foul play, she says, “After we have suffered together for 20 years…”.
The question is…did she really suffered with him for 20 years?
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