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Nigeria Police Force to reconsider ban on tinted glass permits



Nigeria Police Force to reconsider ban on tinted glass permits
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The Nigeria Police Force has revealed plans to reconsider the current prohibition on the issuance of tinted glass permits.

This announcement was made in a press release by ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the Force Public Relations Officer, at the Force Headquarters in Abuja on Wednesday.

Recall that back in June 2022, the issuance of these permits was halted by the Nigeria Police Force as part of a strategy to bolster national security and combat the criminal misuse of tinted glasses in committing serious offenses, including kidnapping, armed robbery, illegal arms transport, and human trafficking, among others.

Following a thorough review of the permit issuance process, the statement indicated the Police’s intention to lift the ban, introducing a series of rigorous measures designed to prevent misuse and ensure adherence to the regulations associated with tinted glass permits once the prohibition is lifted.

The Police have developed a comprehensive strategy to ensure rigorous adherence to the regulations governing tinted glass permits, which will be implemented upon the eventual lifting of the current prohibition.

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A detailed training program for ICT analysts and enforcement officers across the Nigeria Police Force is set to take place on February 29, 2024. This initiative is designed as a preparatory step for the resumption of tinted glass permit issuance.

The training aims to equip participants with the necessary expertise to manage the registration process efficiently, provide guidance to applicants on navigating the online portal, address public inquiries, and enforce the new guidelines effectively.

The curriculum will emphasize the critical balance between public safety and individual rights, ensuring national security is not compromised.

The revamped tinted glass permit system will feature advanced security measures to streamline enforcement and verification processes.

These enhancements include the integration of QR codes linked to a central database for instant validation, unique serial numbers that tie permits to specific vehicles and their owners, and digital holograms to guarantee the permits’ authenticity and prevent tampering.

These innovations are part of a broader effort to bolster security and compliance, the statement further stated.

Additionally, the Police have affirmed that the issuance of tinted glass permits and the regulation of tinted glass usage will be conducted in strict compliance with the MOTOR VEHICLES (PROHIBITION OF TINTED GLASS) ACT 1991 and all other pertinent laws, ensuring a lawful and transparent approach to managing tinted glass permits.