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Nigerians to experience more days of excessive heat — NIMET



Nigerians to experience more days of excessive heat — NIMET
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The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMET) has said that announced that the excessive heat being experienced in the country presently would remain so for a while.

In a short post on its X page, the official source for weather and climate news in Nigeria stated the implications of the weather and advised the public on how to manage the situation.

“Air Temperatures hit 41°C over the North and 39°C over the South with model Projections indicating temperatures to remain high in the coming days,” NiMET said.

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“IMPLICATIONS: Dehydration: this could also cause fainting; chicken Pox disease, Measles, Heat Rash, weakness of the body, slight fever, and dry lips; Heat-Related Illnesses; Respiratory Issues; and Increased Vulnerability to chronic conditions.

ADVISORIES: 1. adequate fluid intake.

  1. Seek shade, use fans, and wear light, breathable clothing to reduce exposure to high temperatures.
  2. Avoid strenuous physical activity during peak heat hours.