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Nigeria’s billionaire kidnapper saga: Evans business partners run to witch doctors for protection



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Several business associates of Nigeria’s billionaire kidnapper, Chukwudumeje George Onwuamadike, popularly called Evans, have been taking cover in spiritual homes since the arrest of the kidnap kingpin by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Nigeria Police penultimate week, National Daily investigations revealed. Many of the business partners were discovered to be on the run without anybody coming after them, even when the kidnap kingpin, himself, has not mentioned their names in the investigation by the Police.

One of the business associates of Evans, Abrams, (not real name), had on the arrest of his principal, urgently acquired a new apartment and abandoned his three bedroom flat in the suburb of Ikeja, Lagos; packed all his property with the speed of light and flee. He was aid to still have about seven months running rent in the abandoned apartment.

Abrams, however, felt insecure after one of his staff, Charles (real name) was arrested by the Police and Abrams office at Magodo in Lagos was said to be invaded by security operatives after the arrest of Charles.  Over 24 air conditioners were gathered to be dismantled in the office during the operation.  

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 Abrams had been disguising as an estate merchant and had an office at Ogba, Ojodu LCDA. He had contact with Evans about two years ago through his friend, Charles, both of who do business together. Doing business with Evans, Abrams became rich overnight, bought a Lexus Jeep and refloated his office from Ogba to Magodo.

This Reporter gathered that Abrams had bought a new Toyota Sienna for his wife two weeks to the arrest of Evans.

The arrest of Charles frightened Abrams who quickly absconded to an unknown destination while the wife hurriedly secured commercial vehicles to urgently evacuate their property from their resident.  Thereafter, Abrams flee to South Africa a fortnight ago with his wife, leaving their three children with their grandmother who lives in Ogun State.

They were so frightened in South Africa that they stayed indoors through the two weeks they spent in that country, afraid of appearing in public, believing they have been declared wanted, thus, to evade arrest.

They, however, monitored events on the arrest of Evans from their South Africa hideout while the wife was communicating with her friends for arrangement on the native doctors to run when they arrive Nigeria.

Abrams’ wife had beguiled her friends that the husband was involved in 419 deals which were later exposed that the Police were after them. Somehow, people close to Charles, a colleague of Abrams, could not bear the pain of having only their relation in Police net, they exposed the Evans transactions with Abrams who was iden6tified as the Managing Director of his business organization which office is at Magodo, having been moved from Ogba.

Abrams was said to have 30 staff in his employment, an indication that the kidnap enterprise would have built a huge empire in the country.

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Further investigation by National Daily revealed that Abrams’ wife, having made wide contacts from their hideout in South Africa, arranged for their return to Nigeria. They were said to have arrived the country last week but avoided Lagos Airport, finding their way to come into Lagos through Edo State into Ondo State where they went to seek the services of witch doctors for protection. Abrams was said to have been taken to several witch doctors in Ogun and Ondo states to get charms that will shield them from being arrested by security operatives.

According to sources close to them, they needed the charms to enable them visit some places in Lagos, arrange how to move their money, resettle their children school attendance, and find their way out of the country again.

Abrams was said to be avoiding his home, including the new home, hanging out in hotels in the suburb of the city. The whole of Sallah holidays and the last weekend were gathered to be spent in Ondo and Ogun states where he was moving from one native doctor to the other.

Meanwhile, Abrams has not been implicated by the billionaire kidnapper but the arrest of Charles has caused him to be on the run.