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NNPP Kosofe federal constituency attest to ABOO’s selfless qualities



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  • flags off organic campaign

The New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) has flaunted the selfless qualities of their candidate in Kosofe Federal Constituency, Comrade Abdulwaheed Omotayo Odunuga (ABOO) as a matchless brand that will deliver maximum victory.

The party’s secretary Mr. Sheriff Oladejo expressed gladness in the fact that the party choose candidates whose name, credibility and integrity are well known and accepted by the people.

Oladejo made the assertion while accompanying the state Chairman Chief Adisa Falade to officially hand the party’s flag to the candidates in Kosofe Federal constituency and declare the commencement of their campaigns.

He notes that the party is galvanizing massive support for their candidates to come out triumphant at the polls.

“In NNPP we are giving ticket to people that have the massive integrity working for them as well as massive followership.

“A large number of our people are battle ready to ensure the people that they know, who have the credibility to take us to the promise land are on the ballot and that is what our party have done.

“The good thing about 2023 election it is going to be a new ball game, INEC has done a tremendous job by introducing what we call BIVAS the Bi-Modal Voters Accreditation Machine System.

“What that does for us as a party is that it would allow individuals to vote without manipulation, if you look at the data and information we are having what are the number of people that are participating?

“In Lagos state we have the electoral value of about 6 million but at the election 700,000 voted, what we have done at the party is to be organic in our campaign.

“Is to mobilize people and present a candidate that the people of the environment know and know their antecedents. This gives us edge above all other parties within the constituency.

“We need to be conscious and look at people’s antecedents and what they have done, if we have been voting and getting the same result in terms of their representation and we also warn them about money politics because some of the politicians are still coming to bring out money on the day of election.

“We are educating our members and populace the last you collected what did it amount to?”


The Kosofe Federal House of Representatives candidate Comrade Abdulwaheed Omotayo Odunuga (ABOO) in a chat with newsmen after the campaign flag-off, state that the political office holders crave for medical treatment and education abroad is detrimental for the nation’s development.

Abdulwaheed bemoans the sheer waste of taxes paid into government coffers spent on frivolities and deliberate neglect of our public institutions which could have adequately served same purpose if made functional, by those in power.

“In order to reactivate our public institutions, once elected we will come up with a bill that compulsions public office holders and their families to make use of our public institutions.

“Nowadays,we have public office holders like councillors going abroad for medical treatment, even local government chairmen now send their children to schools abroad because the schools here are not in good shape properly fit for human beings.

Speaking about the NNPP presidential candidate, Abdulwaheed stressed the need for much more to be done in the Southwest, that though Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso has credibility and popularity going for him, people need come out massively and vote for him.

“I am very optimistic that we are winning the election, I only appeal to our people to come out enmasse and vote for us.

“I have been involved in sensitisation and mobilization of the youths participation in politics since 1999 and that informs why they are wanted me to go for the House of Reps in Kosofe.

“ What you see here are not rented crowds but youths that trouped out of their own free will.” Abdulwaheed said.

For the Kosofe Constituency II NNPP candidate Comrade Babajide Bakare the polity ness a rejig that guarantees functionality through a deliberate change of narrative in leadership and governance.

“We intend to change leadership and governance narrative in Kosofe, we are so much particular about Infrastructural and human capital development in our constituency.

“We are stepping in the race to change the narrative working together with the people and stakeholders.

“APC has been a failure not only in Nigegov but also in Lagos and other states,you can see the road you passed while coming, down to Agboyi river is deplorable.

“It is worse off to note that the local government secretariat is situated on this same road, our people are suffering, this is part of what we are out to correct.


The president of Centre for Human & Social-economic Right Comrade Alex Omotehinse who was physically present at the NNPP campaign flag off in Kosofe charged electorates to vote without coercion or inducements, for the candidates of their choice.

Adding that the time is ripe for active political participation to ensure people with required character, antecedents and integrity gets voted into position of power.

“2023 election is a determining factor whether Nigeria will remain one or not. So Nigerians should ensure that they go out enmasse and cast their votes of their choice.

“It is not a time for us on the day of election to stay at home to watch television or play football, it is time for us to take the bull by the horns, to go out and cast their votes for the candidates of their choice,” CHSR President said.

NNPP Chairman in Kosofe Mr Jide Adekoya however tasked members ahead of the polls to ensure the desired victory is attained.

Earlier clergymen from both Christian and Moslem religious societies who all attested to the good deeds of the duo within the Kosofe Federal constituency took turns to pray for the candidates.

They however counseled that people should participate in the coming election if the desired change is to be effected.

In the words of Shiek Abdul Rafiu Babatunde Awwais one of the Kosofe league of Imams who led a delegation of muslim clerics to the flag off venue, “ABOO’s good deed is never pretentious it is truly pay back time, a magnet attracts metals only, so Jide’s coming indicates a special blend of quality which ABOO represents.

Pastor Bamidele Falusi who led the Christian Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria delegation to the venue attest to the good deeds which he brands a selfless and highly sacrificial lifestyle of ABOO, encouraged the duo not to despise their little beginning, while charging electorates to see possibility ahead of them as personality is now top consideration rather than party affinities.

Groups of Igbo and Hausa speaking community represented at the flag off, all spoke about the masses oriented view of the NNPP candidates, while declaring their poise to deliver hundred percent votes to ensure victory for NNPP.

One of the representative of the Arewa community Aminu Sani Fulatan fondly called Ayefele in Mile 12 could not hide his people’s total support for Sen.Kwankwaso and all NNPP candidates.

“He is a man of integrity no dispute about that we have to work effortlessly to deliver ABOO, we have to work from ward level up. He will win.

“You will win Mile 12 arms down, ABOO follows the foot steps of Kwankwaso so victory is assured.


One of the NNPP woman leader Alhaja Adesanya also attest to ABOO selflessness which dates back to Buhari Youth Organization BYO where his sterling qualities was well showcased, as he turned down favours that consider him above his people.

“He is selfless and dependable always carrying people along, giving them sense of belonging, if you trust him with your mandate you can be rest assured he will not let you down.

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