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Nwawo, Biafran warlord joins Ojukwu



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  • His death is unfortunate – General Achizia
A reputable warlord who fought on the side of Biafra during the 30 months Nigerian Civil War – 1967 to 1970 – Brigadier General Comrade Nwawo, has been declared dead in Delta State.
Nwawo, a native of Onicha Olona, Aniocha North Local Government Area, Delta State, was said to have been ill in the past five years as old age beckoned on him.
Sources disclosed to National Daily that Nwawo was among the 66 former Nigerian Army officers who defected to fight the civil war on the side of Biafra, alongside colonel Ochei and others, showing solidarity to the Biafran leader, late Odumegwu Chukwuemeka Ojukwu.  Our source said the late General never received any pension before he died, even at the time former President Olusegun Obasanjo restored Ojukwu’s rank of Colonel in the Nigerian Army and approved his gratuity and pension.
“Nwawo was among the 66 soldiers alive whom the Nigerian Government accepted and settled after the three and half years of Nigeria/Biafran war. The issue of settlement still remains. May be, that is why the youths whose parents were not settled are asking for restoration of Biafran. The problem of unemployment and adverse effect of governance may still be the issue. I know the people will mourn the general,” declared an associate of the late Biafran General.
Brigadier- general Nwawo joined the Nigeria Army on December 1950 when it was referred as the West African Frontier Force and was commissioned in the United Kingdom (U.K) as a Second lieutenant. He joined Late Colonel Adekunle Fajuyi as pioneer officers of Nigeria who received the British Cross Medal for their outstanding performance in Congo war.
Before the botched coup of January 1966, the late Commander was said to be a former teacher of late Major Kaduna Nzeagwu, who persuaded him, as leader of the coup, to handover to General Thomas Aguiyi Ironsi.
Ironsi later appointed Nwawo Commander of the 4th Area Commander in the Mid West.
When Biafra overran the Mid West and was subsequently reclaimed by the Federal Troops, Nwawo joined the Biafran Army where the commanded the dreaded 11 Division. His command successfully defended the remaining part of war torn Biafra, including Nnewi.
Nwawo, a few years back, was writing a book on the Nigeria Civil War involving the Biafra and Nigerian Government.National Daily is not certain hje completed the book before his death.
Reacting on the death of Nwawo, General Achizia said his death is unfortunate, noting that, though death is inevitable. “He was an old friend and close Associate. He is also close that I don’t want to comment further. I go to Onicha Olona to see him from time to time. He has been ill since five years,” Achuzia said.
When reminded that a lot of people from the South East and South-South were preparing to give him a befitting burial, he complained “how many people have visited when he was sick. This may be applicable to me when I die, many will come to bring their millions they have saved to bury me, why not assist the person when he is still alive,”