NYSC Diary: Braving the Northern mosquitoes, sun

Uchechukwu writes from Kebbi state, this is part 3 (here is part 1).  Settled in, posted to a Nursery school, Uche talks about camp love and other matters in the most coded way. The NYSC Diary Series is edited and compiled by Ediale Kingsley.
PART 3: EN FIN (In conclusion)
My camp experience could be summed up as the best time of my life since I discovered Fanta. I participated in things I would not normally participate in and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I participated in a public speaking competition, representing my platoon. I learnt a lot from the experience. I made it to the third round, that is out of six rounds.
I joined the martial arts class but I had to drop out because of all the social director responsibilities. Once, after almost one hour of training, I could not walk properly for two days.
I met the nicest people and made a couple of good friends. My favorite memory was visiting the Birnin Kebbi market to shop for the cooking competition with colleagues and trying to force a goat we bought to come home with us. We were a spectacle at the cattle market.
In the duration of the camp, feelings were caught and hastily discarded for reasons best known to the catcher of feelings. You get what I mean?
Fast forward to passing out day, when we all got our posting letter, I was posted to a nursery and primary school in Shanga LGA. I was not thrilled about it but I am currently trying to make the best about it. I have been braving the mosquitoes, the sun (trust me the sun here is very different from your average sun) and the lack of network connection but all will be well.
I sincerely hope and pray the service year would be as interesting as camp.

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