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Obi’s supporters tackle Sowore over fraud remark



Obi’s supporters tackle Sowore over fraud remark
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Supporters of the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) in the 2023 presidential election, Peter Obi, popularly called ‘Obidients’, have taken the presidential flag-bearer of the African Action Congress (AAC), Omoyele Sowore, to the cleaners after he described their principal as a fraud packaged for the 2023 elections.

In an interview with PulseNG on on Sunday, Sowore had said: “What is true is that I have a general disdain for the dishonesty of Nigerian politicians. Peter Obi is nothing compared to the way the fraudulent Buhari was packaged.

“I have disdain for lacklustre performance, and whenever anybody then comes up as a politician or who wants to run Nigeria, they come with this fraudulent packaging.

“My default position is to warn people first and then expose them later. My position about Peter Obi has been consistent.”

While the fallout from the interview was yet to die down, Sowore again stirred the hornet’s nest when he took to X to disparage the Obidients.

In the post early on Monday morning, the activist once again showed his disdain for Obi and his supporters, saying even the name ‘Obidients’ irritates him.

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“In fact, the word “Obidient” in itself riles me that anybody would form an organisation that’s obedient during the period of oppression,” he wrote.

The new attack seemed to have woken up members of the Obidient movement who vent their anger on Sowore.

While some believe he must have been paid to attack their principal, others believe he is simply jealous of Obi’s rising profile and influence in the country.


@VerySafe2020: “Sowore can you please focus elsewhere?????? Why are you so jealous this way? How much were you paid or promised for this job?”

@EricChimara: “Just because Twitter is now paying, and Obi’s name is the hottest impression giver, you’ve joined others abi? Ode.. Run for councillor first. Then you can come back and talk about a billionaire in his 30s, SEC chairman, two term governor that won with a fringe party, Bank chairman, who won a general election with a party that was hitherto inside the dust bin.

He’s everything you can’t just be with your aluta berret.”

@Ejiro_Nelson: “Come to think of it, this guy has been in the system longer than PO. This same guy was in jubilation for Buhari. If we’re to call anyone a criminal, I’ll call him rather than PO. Fuel is over 800, garri made unaffordable, poverty increased and yet these don’t ripe him up? My God.”

@UgoNaz: “Such an arrogant and uncultured fellow.

When I remember how this guy was romancing Buhari, Tinubu and co during the 2015 election campaign period, I weep for those who actually take him seriously.”

@Jabusky17: “Nobody cares man. Contest for Ondo state governorship election first let’s see how many votes you will get.”

@Lamidex2: “You are the packaged fraud Oga. Peter Obi remains the best candidate who can liberate Nigerian masses from the current madness.”

@Bankeyys: “You will only dent your personality even moving further to hunt the “Obidient”



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