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Pete Edochie receives two honorary degrees, lifetime achievement award



Pete Edochie receives two honorary degrees, lifetime achievement award
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By Orukpe Rebecca.


Pete Edochie, a veteran actor of Nollywood, has been honored with two doctorates and a lifetime achievement award at his home by the representatives of ISTM University in Togo.

In the viral video, the actor was seen being dressed in ceremonious attire before being awarded with his honors. The awards included a Doctorate in Literature, a Doctorate in Arts, and a lifetime achievement award.

Edochie was born in Enugu State, Nigeria, but had his primary and secondary school education in Northern Nigeria. After working for some years, he went back to school to complete a journalism and television course at the School of Journalism and Television in London.

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He made his acting debut in Nigerian television drama series created by the Eastern Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation. Furthermore, his portrayal of Okonkwo in the 1987 film adaptation of Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe propelled him to prominence in Nigeria’s entertainment sector.

He has since starred in over 70 films in Nollywood and remains one of the most prominent and influential actors in Nigeria.

The representatives of ISTM Management while bestowing the awards said, “For all the work he has been doing, and he has been the pioneer in everything that all the younger ones are copying. Dr. of Literature and ISTM Management wishes to give you these awards.

Congratulations sir.” Edochie, who happily received the awards, was showered with accolades for his accomplishments and contributions to the field of the arts. He then thanked the representatives for the awards given.

These honors are well-deserved as Edochie has made significant contributions to the Nigerian entertainment industry throughout his career. His performances have earned him numerous fans and admirers who applaud his acting and storytelling skills.

The awards are a testament to his talent and hard work, and it is a proud moment for Edochie and his fans.



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