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Puzzles over COVID-19 Debacle



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By Sunday Odibashi

The outbreak of coronavirus. which is coded COVID-19, across the world in the past four months has created unusual tension, trepidation, and uncertainty in human race. Ironically, the most reliable global health institution in the international system, the World Health Organization (WHO), came up with the conclusion that coronavirus has no cure. This degenerated hopelessness and phobia about seeming annihilation of human race from the universe. The scenario was created that the best professors in virology, pharmacology and medicine in the world were becoming irrelevant and valueless. Biology was becoming superior to chemistry and physics. Countries that arrogated the status of world power to themselves were relegated to the sublime, they even suffered more casualties. Then, the technology, science and knowledge applied to develop weapons of mass destruction have become inadequate to provide solution to the biological coronavirus ravaging Europe and America and encroaching Asia and Africa.

Series of myths were articulated to undermine science and human knowledge. The religious communities were threatened and attempted to be emasculated in their belief systems. There were hypothetical attempts to generate assumptions that coronavirus was beyond the power of the Almighty God; the governments compelled the closure of Churches and Mosques in several countries, including Nigeria, or at best the congregation must not exceed 50 members. Believers were intimidated into the beguile that their prayers are no longer effective; they must stay indoors; only government can control the situation. Economies were shut down; governance was shut down Uncertainties pervaded the earth.

As countries began to adopt and enforce preventive and intervention measures, humans began to survive the dreaded coronavirus; the assumptions and myths that created hopelessness and phobia began to be demystified. Then, the human race began to ask new questions. China from where COVID 19 broke out in Wuham in December 2019 had succeeded in putting an end to the spread and consequences of the infection. Wuham that was shut down has been relatively re-opened for businesses, manufacturing, production, commerce, and other activities. Europe and America are still encountering the burden of spreading infection and deaths in large numbers.

Perhaps, China may be indebted to providing explanations on coronavirus to the countries of the world.

What is the origin of Covid-19? How did it start in Wuham, Mainland China?

Was it created by China to deflate the economy of the West or ridicule the superpower status of America and others?

Medical reports show that most people who died did not die from coronavirus but either from pre-existing health complications or refusal of governments to treat them because of the assumption that the infection is not curable.

People who have dissenting voices or opinions are being shut down by YouTube and Facebook so as to sustain the prevailing myths that continue to trigger hopelessness.

Is Bill Gates culpable on his remark about the possible tragedy of coronavirus on the African continent? Is False Vaccination an agenda to render the human race more hopeless? Perhaps, the projection that the vaccine to cure coronavirus has not been discovered in the world may be to discourage countries from developing research instruments, then, allow more destruction to be done.

It has been widely observed that COVID 19 is a virus and viruses are created by humanity. In other words, the biological microorganism is creative, perhaps, to threaten the world or the entire human race.

Then, who would have created COVID 19. China has shown no sign of external attack with the virus since it originated from there. The US President, Donald Trump has accused China of being responsible for the outbreak and spread of coronavirus in the world.

Even as the World Health Organisation (WHO) arrived at the conclusion that the vaccine to cure COVID 19 has not been discovered, yet, the global multilateral institution attacks countries and individuals who said they have discovered drugs can cure coronavirus, like chloroquine in the US.

How did China eradicate COVID 19? The development in China and statistics of recovery, the testing negative after having tested positive before isolation, shows that coronavirus is not a death sentence, it can be survived. This has alleviated the entrenched fear or anxiety in human race.

A report from GBD Compare 2018, China, show that coronavirus is not listed among the top 10 killer diseases in China, the diseases kill Chinese in millions annually; yet, COVID 19 was projected to the world as a helpless epidemic that has capacity to wipe out human race.

Indeed, the top 10 killer diseases in China were listed as:


Ischemic heart infection

Chronic destructive pulmonary infection

Lung cancer

Alzheimer’s infection

Liver cancer

Stomach cancer

Hypertensive heart infection

Road injuries and

Esophageal cancer.

The GBO report indicated that the Chinese government is spending billions of dollars on these diseases which kill people in millions annually. The report indicated that stroke kills over 2 million people annually (an average of 5,900 persons daily) in China while coronavirus killed less than 5,000 persons on three months before it was brought under control in China.

An analyst in Nigeria, Engr. Martin Onovo, had declared that “COVID 19 is a dubious international media hype for international political purpose.”

Also, Dr. Maurice Eze had declared that “COVID 19 has no capacity to kill a healthy man.”

WHO further elucidated that “for most people, COVID 19 infection will cause mild illness.”

These postulations, among others, including the statistics of recoveries in some countries, including Nigeria, are evidence that COVID 19 is surmountable and can be overcome.