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RCCG pastor stabbed to death by new coverts in Lagos



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A Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in FESTAC Town, in Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area of Lagos State has been stabbed to death.

Pastor Babatunde Dada was killed inside the RCCG Chapel of Resurrection on 13 Road, 6th Avenue, FESTAC Town, on Thursday December 2. It was alleged that the Pastor was killed by two new converts who came to the church for the first time a Sunday before the incident, and also came out during an altar call to ‘surrender their lives to Jesus.’

The converts who claimed to be stranded, were reportedly accomodated on the church premises, and they had barely spent a week in the church before stabbing Dada to death.

Wife of the pastor, Bose told Punch that she called her husband on the day of the incident and he promised to come home to rest.

She said;

“My husband was killed on December 2 at the church. He was the admin/accounts officer, as well as the parish pastor. I was not with him when he was killed, but I was told that they collected money from him. I heard that those who killed him were new converts.”

A family member, who is also a security expert, Mr Abolarinwa Olatunbosun revealed that the pastor was killed after withdrawing money from a bank.

Olatunbosun said;

“The pastor went to a bank to withdraw some money and went to rest on the first floor of the church. Two persons said to be new converts went to meet him upstairs, broke his head and killed him.

“The matter was reported to the police and one of the suspects, who ran to Ilorin, has been arrested.”

The relative also said it is suspected that the Pastor might have been killed for ritual purposes, as the assailants were suspected Internet fraudsters aka Yahoo boys. According to him, criminals are beginning to think there is money in churches, so clerics need to be careful.

A friend of the slain pastor, Fred Enemigin, who is the founder, Highflyers International, Lagos revealed that the Pastor was stabbed several times.


Enemigin said;

“Two boys had come to church last Sunday and they responded to the altar call by giving their lives to Christ. After church service, they waited to see the head pastor and told him that they were stranded without any place to stay.

“On compassionate grounds, the pastor allowed them to stay somewhere within the church premises pending when they would be resettled. Pastor Tunde Dada, who had for almost a decade been the accountant of RCCG Chapel of Resurrection Parish, was assigned to provide needed welfare for the boys until their matter would be sorted.

“On the fateful Thursday, Tunde was seated in his office and the boys targeting that they were alone on the church premises with him, entered his office and attacked him with knives and other sharp weapons. He was stabbed multiple times and places until they had him killed right there on the spot.

“Our minds are still searching for what the rift between the boys and Tunde was considering the fact that the Tunde we knew was a very gentle soul. Could they have asked for more welfare than what was approved for them and Tunde declined? What on earth would warrant this brutal killing by those who were recipients of a server of the church’s benevolence? There are many more questions that we have not found answers to.”