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Reactions as man spotted struggling to stop diesel from spilling out of a truck (Video)



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The video of a man who was spotted trying to stop the diesel that was spilling out of an accident truck has gotten people’s attention online.

Tunde Ednut shared a video of a man who was struggling to stop diesel that was gushing out of an accident truck online. In the video, the man was captured as he was struggle to close the licking areas of the tank while the diesel was pouring heavily on the ground. Despite all the efforts and techniques that the man applied to stop the diesel from spilling out, he did not succeed.

Some people who watched the video have expressed different reactions regarding the method the man was using to seal the licking area of the tank, while many others said that the man could have called to assist him.

Watch the video here

See how people reacted below 👇

If you were to be the man, what would you have done in this regard?

Let’s have your opinion, thank you.



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