Rescue Nigeria Project chides Buhari over leadership failure, begins consultations for good governance, leadership

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An emerging political movement in Nigeria, on Tuesday, chided the All Progressives Congress (APC) led by President Muhammadu Buhari over leadership failure and increasing bad governance. The movement, therefore, prescribed ways to improve governance and leadership in Nigeria. Members of the Rescue Nigeria Project (RNP), include Dr. Usman Bugaje, Prof. Pat Utomi, Prof. Tunde Adeniran, former Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed, among others.

The movement, Rescue Nigeria Project (RNP), in a statement signed by two of the Conveners, Dr. Usman Bugaje and Abdulfatah Ahmed, at the end of the meeting of the National Caucus at the International Conference Center, Abuja, on Tuesday, unveiled the mission of the group to rescue Nigeria from bad governance and poor leadership.
The statement indicated that in continuation of the ongoing Consultations by the Conveners, the National Caucus of the Rescue Nigeria Project (RNP), a political but nonpartisan movement , with membership across Party lines, determined to pool innovative ideas and alternatives to Good Governance and Leadership selection
process on the Cardinal Principles of inclusiveness, Capacity, Probity and Courage, met in Abuja on Tuesday to review its activities and prepare for the National launch of the project.
The statement further indicated that at the well-attended meeting, RNP experts proposed solution-based policies on the key national issues which were discussed and critically examined. The national policies were identified as:
I. Security,
II. Economy,
III. Human Capital Development,
IV. Youth and Gender Inclusiveness,
V. Good Governance, National Unity and Cohesion, and
VI. Restructuring and Nation building.
The Conveners stated that thereafter, participants at the meeting resolved that the ideas and policies recommended by the various experts should be articulated and validated at the National Launch of the movement scheduled for November 2021.
The Conveners maintained that after further exhaustive deliberations on the way forward, the Caucus: –
I. Recognized the urgent need for Nigeria to be rescued, and, therefore, reiterated the need
for the project to be launched as soon as possible in order to engage Nigerians on the
Core values and Cardinal Principles of the RNP, that should drive the Nigerian
democratic process,
II. Agreed that the validated solution-based policies on the key National issues proposed by the experts should form the bedrock for engagement with Nigerians,
III. While recognizing that most of Nigeria’s problems revolve around Poor Governance and
Leadership, resolved to influence and ensure Good Governance and Leadership selection
process which recognizes Competence and Capacity at all levels,
IV. Noted the enthusiasm shown by the representatives of the Youth and Women at the
meeting who recognized that the project addresses their concerns and were, therefore, ready to mobilize and support the RNP initiative,
V. Approved the following activities of the RNP for implementation by the National Steering Committee:
a. National Launch of the Project, in Abuja in November 2021.
b. Constitution of Standing Working Committees, October – November 2021.
c. Inauguration of Zonal Chapters and National discourse on specific topical issues –
January to March 2022.
d. Mobilization, Contacts, Coalition and Partnerships- ongoing and Continuous.