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Returning Nigerians in Diaspora tell govt to improve infrastructure



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Nigerians in the Diaspora returning to Nigeria for the Yuletide and the New Year Festivities have advised the Federal Government to improve infrastructural facilities across the country.
They told reporters in Badagry on Thursday while returning to the country for the celebrations.
Mr. Adeyinka Yusuf who was returning from Ghana advised the Federal Government to improve the roads linking the country with other West African countries as well as those within the country.
“I work and live in Ghana but my family stays in Ibadan; so I’m returning to my country to celebrate the Yuletide with them. I do this yearly so I’m here again.
“Nigeria is a wonderful place and there is no place like home but the government should improve on our road networks across the country.
“The roads are really in bad shape and nothing has been done about it between the last time I came home to this very moment, and that shouldn’t be the case.
“The roads should be fixed so that more Nigerians living and working in other parts of the world will be encouraged to visit home regularly,” he said.
Mrs. Chika Nweze who was coming from Togo revealed that she was coming to Nigeria for vacation.
“I heard that Calabar is a very good and interesting place, so I’m going there to spend Christmas so I can see how interesting things are there.
“I love Nigeria because it is my fatherland but things must improve a bit because I can relocate back here because I can’t come back if the economy doesn’t get better.
“I’m well settled in Togo so it will take a lot of guts for me to leave Togo and come back to Nigeria with the way things are right now,” she said.
Mr. Andrew Thomas, who was coming from the Republic of Benin, noted that he usually visits home during festive periods.
“I usually come to Nigeria during the festive period because it is more entertaining and there are loads of activities during festive seasons.
“As soon as the break is over, I’m heading back to my base and I will not return till another festive period.
“The government must improve on many sectors especially the power sector in order to encourage many people in the Diaspora to come back to the country.
“If this and many other things are not rectified, it will discourage a lot of people from coming back,” he said.