Revealed: Chinese not taking medicine or vaccine to cure coronavirus; virus has 4 days lifespan  

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A top secret revealed by a resident of Wuhan, Mainland China, on the ravaging coronavirus has continued to generate skepticism across the world of China’s hidden mission on the COVID-19 pandemic. Essentially, certain hidden secrets are being revealed by inhabitants of Wuhan to the world.

An Executive Director at Ovex Technologies, Pakistan, Tahir Mahmood Chaudhry, in a tweet, exposed a “translation from an Indian living in Wuhan;” who revealed the secret of coronavirus treatment in China and the life span of the virus.

The secret was revealed that Chinese are not taking any medicine or vaccine to cure coronavirus. The Indian disclosed that every household has a coronavirus case. The disclosure was made that “they have stopped going to hospital for cure. They instead kill the virus with heat.” The resident disclosed that they take “Very hot steam inhalation from kettle four times a day; hot gargles four times a day; hot tea four times a day.” It was declared that the virus dies in four days, while on the fifth day, the carrier tests negative to coronavirus.

The revelation has, as the coronavirus tradition dictates, generated debates over validity or efficacy of the process by defenders of coronavirus orthodox belief. While some disqualified the entire process, a few acknowledged that taking of hot tea may be effective. But the revelation was made by a resident of Wuhan who had participated in the process, and also saw others do the sane thing and the result was confirmed.



  1. This to put on record that I have followed this process buy adding 1 Methi 10gms
    2 Kolanji 10 gms
    3.Cinomon patta 10 gms
    4 Sowmp 10gms
    Make powder of all this and use one litre water boil becomes 1/2 litr once the fumes comes out of kettle each member can take inhalation from nose, mouth and hold breath for 5 minutes continuously 4 times in a daily. And Garglev4 times ,and coffee 4 times for 5bdays has kept me very safe .inspite of unknowingly we can be exposed to Carona Virus in our daily lives inspite of being very careful ,then this will help a common person May Allah help every one Ameen