SARS officer dies mysteriously in office

Assistant Superintendent of Police, attached to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Lagos Police Command, Christopher Akpan, at the weekend slumped and died in his office while preparing for a special operation.

A source in SARS, who pleaded anonymity, said: “Oga Akpan’s death is still a shock to me.

He came back from an operation with his boys and went into his office to prepare for another operation. His boys after waiting for him to no avail went to knock on his door but there was no response. They felt he had gone out and they called his mobile phone, it rang but he did not pick up. They decided to kick his door open and they saw him sitting on his chair but couldn’t talk or move. They rushed him to the hospital but he was confirmed dead on arrival. The body was deposited at the mortuary for autopsy report.”

The cause of death is still sketchy and unknown as the autopsy report has not been made public though his colleagues said there was no report that he was sick the previous day as he even led an operation shortly before his death.

The late Akpan was former Station Officer of FSARS before he was recently elevated to a higher position. He hailed from Akwa Ibom State and was married with children who reside at Okota Barracks in Lagos.

Since the incident happened, some of his colleagues had expressed shock over the incident describing the late Akpan as a disciplined officer, who worked diligently and professionally with his other colleagues.

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His death, it was learnt was the third recorded in the unit in the past three weeks as two of his colleagues had earlier died within that period.

Sources disclosed that the deceased ASP was jovial and committed to his job, the reason his teammate he was to lead out became skeptical when they waited for a while and did not see him.

“He returned from an operation and was to lead members of his team to arrest some criminals. They were waiting for him to change and come out but they did not see him.

“When his boys did not see him after a while, they went to his office and knocked on the door but got no response. At first, they thought he might have gone out and so, they decided to call his phone.

“Surprisingly, his phone was ringing inside his office but no one picked it. So, they became suspicious and forced the door open. That was how they saw him on his chair motionless.

“They rushed him to the hospital but he was confirmed dead on arrival. His death is still a shock to many officers working at SARS,”