See man who spent millions of dollars to look like a dog

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It is crazy how people can do things on this earth. These days, people do anything to make them happy. Strange things have been happening on earth which makes us feel that the world is almost coming to an end.

One man, a full grown man in this case, woke up one morning and admired how the dogs mate. He then decided to look like the dog. He spent millions of dollars just to look like the dog and more specifically to mate like the dog.

The man named Peter, he changed his behaviour and skin just to look like that of a dog. Most other people just want to behave like their favorite animal to get rid of human behaviour and skin.

The people who have desired to be like dogs, not only behave like dogs but also dress like dogs too. It is said that Peter spent a stuggering £4,500,000 for surgeries to have his skin look like that of a dog.

He has a perfect dog’s lifestyle. He lives in a cage, moves around on ropes and eats from the ground just like dogs do. If you see Peter for the first time, you may not think he is a human, but a perfect impersonator of a dog.

Now that he got what he desired and move around on ropes that are controlled by his wife, he does not sleep on bed, he sleeps in a cage and feeds on the dog’s food.

“I have never regretted for going to surgeries to become a dog. Now I can live a happy life. My wife is also excited about the decision I took. Now I can mate with her any time I feel like”, said Peter.

” It is crazy how people tell you to be yourself, but then criticize you when you are”, he added.

He has achieved his dreams and plans of mating with his wife to bring forth children of their own kind.