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Sen. President Lawan commits first blunder, disregards correction, discards House Rule 53



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Senate President Ahmed Lawan hammered down Sam Egwu-led panel on the floor of the upper chamber on Tuesday.

Sen. Egwu was about making an excuse for Sen. Elisha Abbo  who called the bluff of  the panel investigating him for assaulting a nursing mother in a sex-toy shop in Abuja weeks ago

Abbo told the panel he was arrested, detained, charged, and granted bail–so the panel can’t sit in judgement on that case already in court.

Egwu, who told the committee that the matter is already prejudiced, said he cannot give further comment.

However, Lawan said the Senate is only investigating the misconduct of their colleague and cannot wait until the police finished its investigation on Sen. Abbo.

“We will give you an extension of time but cannot wait until the police finish its investigation or after the determination of the matter by the court,” Lawan ruled.

However, Minority Leader Sen. Enyinnaya Abaribe reminded Lawan that rule was his personal opinion, and it is contrary to Senate rule 53.

” Mr. President, it is your opinion.”

But Lawan wouldn’t respect the House rule now. He already brought down the gavel.

The National Daily reported earlier how Lagos lawyer Femi Falana was the first to flag down that contradiction when Lawan set up the panel after Abbo was charged with assault.

Many have seen the ninth assembly as trying to create an impression it is active by overreaching itself in the Abbo case and others.

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