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Shehu Sani reacts as Farooq Kperogi complains about the frustrating price hike in Nigeria



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It is obvious that in Nigeria, prices of goods easily go up, especially when there is dollar rise. However, it is worrisome how the prices of goods that systematically skyrocket are difficult to come come. This has made such goods affordable only to the rich and maybe the middle class as well, while the poor get even poorer.

In a recent tweet, Journalist Farooq Kperogi appeared worried over how prices of goods go up easily but never come down so that the common man in Nigeria can afford such goods.

According to Farooq Kperogi, this seems to occur only in Nigeria as it is not the case elsewhere in the world, especially in America where he resides.

He noted that in America, demand and supply as well as other variables dictate prices of goods. As an instance, he said the price of petrol went through the roof in America few weeks ago, just like it happened in Nigeria, but unlike Nigeria, the price of petrol have been coming down in America every single day in the last 40 days. According to him, this is customary.

He said that in Nigeria, petrol and commodity price hikes are often permanent. He added that any economy where prices go up and never come down for any reason is a giant swindle.

While reacting to his twitter post, Senator Shehu Sani said that prices of goods in Nigeria are scared of coming down.

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