SMAGOGA plans skills acquisition centres for students

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The St Maria Goretti Old Girls Association (SMAGOGA) says it is planning to set up the skills acquisition centres to equip students of the school with skills that will empower them financially.

In a statement signed by Chairperson of SMAGOGA National Scholarship Committee, Hon. Justice Gladys Olotu, majority of the students are from neighboring communities, and solely depended on the sustenance of their families and the little they could put together to get them through school.

“In present day Goretti, you will find like 6 students pulling resources together to pay for a room- N500 each time 6=N3000 per room. On Fridays, you will see them returning to their respective communities/ villages to gather money and food for sustenance for the following week.

“They return on Monday morning to start school for the new week. It is this knowledge that inspired our plans to set up the skills acquisition centres to equip the students with skills that will empower them financially.

She therefore called for the assistance of both old students and other publics in helping to build this centre for the benefits of the students.

“We propose that in the sewing Centre, they will learn sewing skills. It will comprise 50 sewing machines, 50 stools and 4 sewing tables. The costs are as follows- 1 sewing machine- 65k; 1 padded stool- 10k; 1 cutting table with drawers-120k.

According to her, the Hair Centre will train the students on how to braid, tie head-tie and do Okuku.

“It will be a 60- seater Centre comprising 6 long tables with iron legs @ 120k each and 60 padded stools @ 10k each. Please, support a very worthy cause and donate generously and God will bless you richly.

“Please, all donations should be paid into the dedicated SMAGOGA Scholarship account- Bank-GTB -Acct No-0559337498