Sokoto shuts down telecoms networks

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Considering the rising spate of banditry in Sokoto since the military operation in Zamfara dsplaced the criminals, Sokoto Gov Aminu Tambuwal has taken the same route Zamfara and Katsina took in the peak of banditry.

“Due to the ongoing military successes in Zamfara State, the bandits are fleeing to Sokoto,” the governor said on VOA Hausa Service September 20.

So telecommunications networks have been shut down in 14 of the 23 Local Government Areas of the state. Exactly what Zamfara and Katsina did when the situation became overwhelming.

The governor said the state sought approval from the federal government before enforcing the network ban.

Among the affected local governments are Tambuwal, Dange Shuni, Goronyo, and Tangaza, where some bandits were burnt to ashes on Saturday.